Coppell Fitness - Tip and info for week #3 -

Coppell Fitness – Tip and info for week #3

Group Personal Training

Sep 10

Trainer Tip of Week – Here is the tip See my attempt to do 37 burpees for my 37th birthday.

5 Year Anniversary Giveaways start today

1. Group 24 Day Challenge- Plus a Contest that will give out over $500- Here are more details and to secure a spot. We are also giving away $50 in giveaways for each person who participants in the Challenge.

2. Advocare $50 giveawaysHere is the information about our giveaways. We know this is a great incentive for a lot of you on the fence about trying the Advocare products. If you aren’t interested in a group challenge and just want the giveways (or discount on the packages), this is what you want to read.

3. Cash Referral Rewards Program – Read about it here. We have revamped this program  to give out cash and for our 5th Year, we are giving away $500 to one lucky person. You only need one referral and we are giving you from TODAY until October 19th. So there is no excuse why you shouldn’t be inviting folks you know to come try our program out for a week. Details on how to get folks to sign up for a free week are on the referral rewards page here.

Cardio Club – Need a boost getting your off-day cardio in? Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30am and 6pm. Here is the Pricing and Discount Form if you are ready to get started.

Sprint Tri Pictures – Here are the pictures. Get You In Shape had 41 participants (It was the first for many of us) who completed it on Sunday.

Evening Workout Times – Help us with a quick survey with one question to see what the best later time for you would be.

12 PM Boot Camp – We will be starting the 12pm boot camp on September 24th (when the next 4 week boot camp starts). We had 6 commitments, (Jane Smith, Liz Hess, Belinda Fernandes, Paul Hinkley, Pam Michel, Deborah Otte) so it will be with the condition that we have at least 8 people there. We will start it and monitor the numbers.

Workout this week – Here are the suggested workouts for this week.

Dates and Events Coming up
August 27th – Start of next Boot Camp
August 28th – 24 Day Challenge @ Linder’s Here are more details
September 1st – Advocare Mixer @12pm at the Linders Here are more details
September 8th and 15th – Saturday Boot Camp Day’s @7am and 8am
September 9th – GYIS Sprint Tri – come help support over 40 participants in Denton
September 15th – 5k Run with Cardio Club folks – Click Here
September 20th – Women of Strength @7pm at the Linder’s
September 21st – Measurements and Weigh In – Last day of camp

Here is the Dates and Events Page

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