Get You In Shape Monthly Fitness Testing -

Get You In Shape Monthly Fitness Testing


Mar 25

Get You In Shape strives to provide the best personal training program in Coppell.
Group Personal Training is what we like to call it. We have added many things over the years to continue to help make it personal so that each and every client feels like our program is for them.
We have done the 90 seconds pushups, airsquats and sit ups for a while now as a good way to measure progress. Although it was a great way to see progress, we now have our Get You In Shape Fitness Test. This is just a basic test we do monthly to see where you are and also measure your progress.
We also do the mile run as a great way to measure your fitness progress and will continue to do so. This will just add to the many things we have done and continue to do to help with your results. We know from implementing the mile run bands, that this will HELP WITH YOUR RESULTS!

There are 5 different exercises focusing on agility, an upper body pull exercise, a lower body exercise, a upper body push exercise, and a cardiovascular exercise.

You will perform each exercise for 60 seconds and then rest 2 minutes and 45 seconds before the next exercise.
There will be different modifications for each exercise based on your fitness level and we will indicate it on our tracking sheet. This will help both you and Get You In Shape see your progress.
We will have an Rx or as prescribed along with a number of different modifications.
This is a test, so the idea is to go at 100% for 60 seconds for each of the 5 exercises. If you can only do 5 reps, we encourage you to do the highest level for each exercise as that will give you a baseline moving forward. You will have close to 3 minutes of rest in between.

A few Questions
1. What if I can’t do a particular Exercise because of an injury? This is just a baseline testing we are doing to help measure fitness levels, help show improvement, help with motivation, and to help us (Get You In Shape) help you more.
If you should not be doing a particular exercise from the list of 5 because of an injury, please let us know and we will give you a modified exercise to do.
2. The RX for the AirSquat goes below the knees, I thought that was bad for you? If you have a MCL, ACl or prior knee injury that has not been fixed, there are some limitations as to how far you should be moving in the squat. In general, though, it is safe and more effective to go below the knees in a squat, which is why that is the Rx for this movement. Click Here for a blog post we did that had some studies and myths about how low you should go in a squat. In the end, Get You In Shape does everything in the best interest in our clients (You), so everything we teach is what science says to be true. Everyone is different and some folks do have some past knee injuries that may effect how low you should be going in a squat.

The 5 Exercises
1. Jump overs –
Rx or as prescribed is to hop back and forth over the hurdle with both feet staying together.
Log jumps.
Step back and forth over the hurdle.

You will count each rep like 1 and 2 and.. Once you reach the point where you started will be 1 rep.

2. Pull Ups with the Equalizers

Rx or as prescribed is to keep legs straight
Next level is to bend knees
A rep would be to bring hips all the way up before the rep and pull your body up until your elbows are at by your ribs and then come down to where your arms are straight. Anything less is not a rep.

3. AirSquats with touching the Medicine Ball

Rx or as prescribed is touching the Medicine ball each time you perform an airsquat
The next level is airsquats without touching the Med Ball

4. Hand Release Push Ups – At the bottom of a pushup, you must take your hands off the ground and you must lock your elbows at the top of the pushup. It’s important not to worm on these and to keep your core strong while performing these exercises. We want quality over quantity.
Rx or as prescribed would be on your toes
Next level is on your knees
Negative push ups from your knees – You would still do the hand release pushups but you  go slower going down and in, warm yourself up in order to help build strength.

A good rep would be releasing the hands at the bottom and locking the elbows at the top while keep the mid-line still (no hips up, hips down or inch worming)

5. Figure 8 hurdle shuffle – This is just doing figure 8’s around two hurdles that will be 10 yards apart from each other. Each hurdle you get to will be a rep. If you stop in the middle of a rep, that will NOT count as a rep. A rep is when you get to a cone.

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