12 Week Transformation Fit-Lean Application Page

Because isn't it time for YOU?

Congrats on taking ACTION!

Congratulations on taking action and making the first step to getting the body you want. By filling out the details below, we can get a better understanding of your needs and make sure that you are the right fit for this coaching opportunity.

Scroll down and fill out the details to take ACTION and get STARTED toward your health and fitness goals!

I’m looking for 9 women that are looking to TRANSFORM their bodies and not only look, but LOVE how they feel over the next 12 Weeks!

This 12 week program will be very hands on with unique training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching to change habits; it's designed to transform your body fast so you must fit the following criteria to apply:

  • Positive Attitude
  • Looking to into the best shape of your life
  • Want to add lean, toned and firm muscle quickly
  • Live or work in the Coppell area
  • Can dedicate 60 minutes and commit to 3 times a week to exercise at our Coppell location.
  • Are willing to listen to and apply our coaching to change your body and outlook on an effective program (know-it-all's need not apply!)
  • Don't mind getting your hands dirty and working hard as long as you see results.
  • Willing to get measured/weighed every two weeks to stay on track.
  • Looking for a Accountability Coach to help keep you motivated and inspired.
  • Looking to lose body fat around hips, thighs, arms and stomach area.
  • Serious about making changes to your body and healthy
  • Want results that will finally stick for a long time (no quick fixes)
  • Willing to invest $55/week in themselves.

We are so confident in the effectiveness of this program that when you follow the program and we don't exceed your expectations, we will give you 100% of your money back...But SERIOUS applicants only.

We all want to lose weight, have more energy or even perform better but here is the Problem...

1. Without having the KNOWLEDGE of knowing how put a complete nutrition and wellness program together, people will continue to keep spinning their wheels over and over again trying the "next new thing" to help them lose weight, have more energy and be more productive.

2. People do not have a WORKABLE PLAN OF ACTION to help them get started. Many people have great intentions of losing weight but simply don't have an ACTION PLAN to help them achieve their goals. We call this the "Follow the Darn Instructions" plan because this 12 week program will give you tools and directions for each day.

3. People fail because they do not have a SUPPORT SYSTEM in place to help them achieve their health and fitness goal. Having helped hundreds of people since 1999, ACCOUNTABILITY is easily the #1 reason people don't stick to a program. It's easy to go back to your old habits when you don't have anyone to help you stay motivated and accountable

The Fit-Lean 12 Week Project Works Because It Covers All 3 Of The Issues Above!

What You GET!
  • Access to Coppell's #1 Group Personal Training program for 12 Weeks
  • 3 Group Personal Training Sessions Each Week
  • Step By Step "Follow The Darn Instructions" Plan To Follow
  • Access to our Member's Only Website (tools, directions, recipes, nutrition plan)
  • Measurements and weight every two weeks to keep you accountable and motivated.
  • Accountability Coach - Someone to help walk with you and coach you throughout your journey. 

  What kind of results can you expect? Below are just a few of our hundreds of Success Stories (check our YouTube Playlist below)

"This Program has truly been LIFE-CHANGING for me. I dropped 10 Pounds in my first 4 weeks, was down 18 pounds after eight weeks and have now lost a total of 80 pounds"
Lori B.

"I lost 10 Pounds in the first 24 Days and went on to lose a total of 30 pounds"

"I have lost 30 pounds!  And most importantly, I have maintained my weight for over a year. Maintaining weight loss and keeping a healthy diet were my biggest challenges before joining . I am definitely more conscious of everything I put into my body. I’m not always perfect, but I feel this program has given me the tools to easily get back on track. The weight loss has enabled me to clean out my closet and buy all new clothes!"
Pam M.