Coppell Fitness Christmas in July - Give the gift of health -

Coppell Fitness Christmas in July – Give the gift of health


Jul 10

Get You In Shape has done a lot of things over the last few months to help keep you motivated and accountable. One of our Core Values is EMPOWER. We want to empower you to learn and educate yourself on how to live a healthy lifestyle so you can PAY IT FORWARD. We know that when you are helping someone else in their own health and fitness journey that it will help keep YOU motivated and accountable.

We are very excited to announce something we have never done in almost six years of business. We are allowing you to give a full month of our program to 1 of your friends at no cost.

As you know, we try to constantly strive to bring new things to our program that will help help motivate and keep YOU accountable.

As the summer comes to an end, how can we help YOU? Let’s empower YOU! I am hoping that You take this opportunity to Give the Gift and “Pay it Forward” to someone you know who could benefit from the Get You In Shape Program.

Christmas is July is about YOU giving the Gift of Health to ONE lucky person.
This is certainly something we have never done before. Give away our program at no cost. We know that this can help YOU in many ways.

About 65% of our clients come from knowing someone that is in our program or has been in our program. That’s one reason why we have our Cash Referral Rewards program and have given out hundreds of dollars to our clients for referring their friends. In the end, YOU win because you get a friend to join you which helps keep YOU motivated and pressing on toward your fitness goals and Get You In Shape wins by getting another client that we can help.

We are promoting our Christmas in July to help you earn some cash and also allow you to give the GIFT of fitness to one lucky person.

We want you to finish off the Summer with great results. The Christmas in July promotion is designed to help YOU stay motivated and encouraged by GIVING 1  friend a FREE Month of the GYIS Program. This will motivate you to get to each session and keep you accountable during the HOT month of AUGUST!!!

The Details:
1. New Clients Only.

2. You can GIVE 1 Person a FREE MONTH OF GYIS
(choose wisely knowing you can only give the gift to 1 person)

3. August Session only. This is also to help motivate YOU to finish the summer strong.
August session runs July 27-August 23rd.

4. They need to sign up at
This is so we can make sure YOU get the credit if they end up joining one of our program options after their FREE GYIS MONTH.

5. Each sign up must come to a New Member Orientation that they will choose when they sign up at

6. We will do our best to help bring that person on as a client. If they decide to join one of our program options, you then get the Cash Referral Rewards.

Time is important here so you will need to get on the ball and use the email I have provided below or just call the person you have in mind. Again, this is all about giving and you only are allowed to give 1 Free Month coupon (for the month of August only)

Here is an Email you can send to the person you want to have the free month.

Hey ___________!

 Hope things are going great for you.

 I’ve recently been attending Get You In Shape and the owner is having a Christmas In July giveaway. They are letting me give one person a Free Month of the Get You in Shape Program.

That’s why I’m emailing you. I would like to give you My 1 Free Month Gift  for you to use.

 I’ve always wanted a fitness program to motivate me to stay on track and push me to reach my goals and Get You In Shape has done that for me.  In fact I’ve already lost ______ pounds since I joined.

 If you would like to take advantage of this gift, I’d love to give it to you as I’d really enjoy having you in the fitness sessions with me and I’m sure you’d love it!

 Just email me back or give me a call and let me know if you would like to be the one that uses the 1 Free Month. Since we are only given one, I want you to be the one to use it. 

If you don’t have time or are already part of a program you like, no problem. Just let me know so I let someone else use it.

 Again, I hope things are going well for you.  Hope to see you soon.

Have a great day!


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