Coppell Fitness Camp - Workouts of the Week -

Coppell Fitness Camp – Workouts of the Week


Jun 04

Coppell Fitness Camp – Workout of the Week


Over the next 3 weeks we are going to be preparing everyone for the Pushup For Charity Challenge.The event will be on May 19th (or May 18th during a boot camp session if you can’t be there). We will be giving you some tips and information over the next 6 weeks but also will implement more pushup work on the off-days to help you prepare to push the most for our wounded military and veterans.

Monday – Boot Camp Workout #1

Tuesday –
5-7 minutes – warm up with stretches
5  minutes – Core exercises – choose 5 exercises and get in one min each.
Interval Training
30 Seconds of work 30 Seconds off (rest)
Jump Ropes (or Jump rope in place)
Log Jumps (like jumping over a log)
Defensive Slides (4-5 feet back and forth)
Jumping Jacks
Fast Squat jumps
Repeat two times (2 rounds)

Rest 2-3 Minutes

5 Minutes of Core exercise

10-15 minutes in slow to medium zone before cool down stretching

– Boot Camp #2

Thursday – 5-10 Minutes of warm up,

5 minutes in medium pace
Hold in Plank Position for 1 min
Supermans for 1 min
Toe touches for 1 min
Reverse Crunch for 1 min
Pillar Bridge for 1 min

Interval Training
2 Minutes in Slow
2 Minute in Medium
1 Minute in fast
Try to get in 5 – 6 rounds or 25-30 minutes
Extra Stretching today.

Friday -Boot Camp #3

Saturday – 30-45 minutes of Cardio in your Slow/Medium pace

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