Coppell Fitness Camp Workouts for August Boot Camp week #4 -

Coppell Fitness Camp Workouts for August Boot Camp week #4

Workout Of The Day

Aug 22

Boot Camp Workouts for Week #4 August Boot Camp

Individual WOD Circuits 1 min on each exercise with no rest before they move to the next exercise.
Count total reps. 2 Minute Rest before doing it again. 3 sets or 3 rounds for 18 total minutes.

1. Abmats
2. Thrusters w/Med Ball
3. Rows w/heavier Kettle bells
4. Plank burpees (pushups as modified)

Tuesday 8-10 Warmup with some core exercises

30 seconds at your SLOW pace/30 Seconds at your Fast pace
You can do this with basically any cardio movement weather you are inside a gym or outside.
30-45 minutes

Wednesday – Boot Camp

1 minute walk/4 minutes in medium pace. Depending at what fitness level you are at, you just want to be able to go at a good pace for 4 minutes before you walk. You want to find that pace so you are not back at the walking pace. If you are not jogging yet, you want to walk as fast as you can for 4 minutes before slowing down for 1 minute.
Repeat 30-45 minutes. If you are looking to boost your results, you may want to add some time to your cardio but know that most of your results will be what you are eating and your nutrition.

Friday – Last day of Workouts