Coppell Fitness Camp Info for week #2 -

Coppell Fitness Camp Info for week #2


Jan 09

1. Tip of the week –  Go here to learn how to get the most out of your workouts.

January Accountability Calendar Print this and put on your fridge

2. 24 Day Challenge Contest. 2 more weeks, 2 more meetings
Here is the sign up page.

Not interested in the group? There is a big discount on the 24 Day Challenge bundle.
Here is the information about it. If you are going to get it, though, let us know so you save money on shipping.

3. Off-day Cardio workout this week –  Remember, we do this so
you don’t have to think and just follow our suggest
off-day cardio programming to help with your results.
So head over to our blog and get this weeks workouts.

4. Tuesday and Thursday -We will be sending you
off-day cardio/mobility/flexibilty and core information this week.
It will kick the final week in January.

Some of you have asked for the pricing and commitment
forms. You can get a copy here.