Coppell Fitness Boot Camp Tips and Information for May week #1 -

Coppell Fitness Boot Camp Tips and Information for May week #1


May 02

1. May Journal Mania Contest– We want EVERYONE to participate in this month’s Contest. Click Here
You asked for more accountability in the off-day cardio and nutrition and this will help you! This Contest is for everyone and is not just for those looking to lose weight or get a better time in the mile (even those are great also). We hope that this will help encourage you to eat healthier throughout the day and also get encouraged about doing your off-day cardio

2. 24 Day Challenge – This will be perfect with the Journal Mania Contest. This is tomorrow night. If you can’t make it, just email us and we can set a time for us to go over it and get you started. Click here for information and to RSVP.
3. Coppell 5k – A few things. We will have late Registration up until 7:45 am Saturday morning. If you will be out of town but do want to help us, any small donation to the the Coppell Special Olympics would be helpful. Information to sign up or donate is at
We could use a few people to help on Saturday morning with registration and as the runners come in. So if you woudl like to help volunteer, we could use some help. Just email me.

4. Tip of the week – This tip is from Julie Smith and she share’s a great tip that you can use as well. Click Here

5. Workouts this week. – Off-day cardio workouts. What we suggest you doing on the off-days. Click Here
General Information about May Boot Camp General information about the program. What you need to bring, what happens if it rains, etc.

May Accountability Calendar Print this and put on your fridge and/or to keep at work. It has all the dates, times, and how to reach us.