Coppell Fitness Boot Camp Client and Rookie of the Month Sept. -

Coppell Fitness Boot Camp Client and Rookie of the Month Sept.


Sep 10


Coppell resident Michelle Voelker shares her Get You In Shape journey

Michele Voelker is a wife and mother who lives here in Coppell. She joined Get You InBoot Camp Coppell Client of Month Shape when her sister and 2 friends recommended us. Once again, our best clients come from referrals. Before joining, she was very active in her church and busy with her children and their activities, but never put the emphasis on herself. “My life was busy, but not physically active. I knew that needed to change.”

“I was a little nervous the first day I showed up, but the trainers were all so helpful and encouraging.  I appreciated the fact that the trainers all knew my name and were there for ME”. The most beneficial tool for her has been the addition of Cardio Club.  “I joined this summer and it has made a huge difference in all areas. I can’t say enough about the trainers – how they teach, how they encourage, how they are there for us. I love all my trainers, but Julie, Chaney and Kristi have changed my life and I am so very thankful”.

She credits her changes to the differences of Get You In Shape. “The overall workout!  Being outside is wonderful. (if you can do boot camp in August, you can do anything!)  The “family” atmosphere. Everyone is there for you – encouraging you all the way. I’ve been incredibly blessed by the new friends I have made”.

Michele has improved in ways that are more than just physical. “ For me the results have been a whole new mindset; sleeping better, more energy and accepting more challenges outside my comfort zone.(i.e. Cardio Club).  I quickly realized that I shouldn’t compare myself to anyone, but challenge myself to do more than I did the day before. I’ve lost close to 20 pounds since I started and I’ve toned up in places, but for me it is all about how I feel.  I know I have a long way to go, but I’m ready.  As long as GYIS is around, so is Michele Voelker”.

She would tell people to “Come and try it!  It’s a great overall workout and everyone is there for YOU”!

Darla Jo Manning

Darla Jo Manning was born in Texas, grew up in Conway Arkansas and moved back to

Coppell Fitness Rookie of the Month

This is a recent picture of Darla Jo after completing a 5k!

Texas when she started graduate school. She works at a health care facility, where she sits all day. Having started with Get You In Shape in just this past April, you can tell from these before and current pictures what great strides she has already made.

Life before Get You In Shape was “busy, busy, busy. “ She decided to join after having tried unsuccessfully for 5 or 6 years. “I would make a little progress and then suffer a setback.  Sometimes the setback was because of an unexpected health issue and sometimes it was because I wasn’t consistent enough.  It was one step forward and one step back for a long time.  I finally decided I should make a commitment to participate with a group and get help and advice.”  “The first couple of weeks were very difficult and a joy at the same time.  I really enjoyed the encouragement from both the trainers and the other boot camp participants.  Then, I would go home so used up I could hardly walk.  The exhaustion I felt right after class only lasted a couple of weeks.  Then, I noticed that I would get home from boot camp and still feel great and ready to tackle something else.  Seeing such a big improvement in such a short time really fueled my desire to keep working.”

She has really benefited from one of Brad’s suggestions. “I downloaded MyFitnessPal just as soon as Brad mentioned it.  I love it.  It is easy to find nutrition information for almost everything I’ve searched for.  It keeps a running total all day long.  In the past, I have tried to plan menus and track my nutrition by looking up information in books and online and pulling it all together in a spreadsheet I created manually.  It was a huge time consuming process.  MyFitnessPal is fast and easy.  It helps me make decisions about how much I want to use for a serving so I can plan as I go and I can see that bottom line number at a glance.” Of course, the camp atmosphere has been positive also. “The group training provided by Get You In Shape is perfect for me.  I enjoy the group atmosphere.  There are participants at all ages and all levels of fitness so I felt comfortable participating right from the start.  The trainers work hard to make sure we perform the exercises with correct form to prevent injuries and always provide modified versions for different fitness levels and to compensate for pre-existing conditions or injuries.  On the occasions where I’ve stayed after camp to ask questions, the trainers have always been happy to take as much time as needed to help me with my questions or concerns.

Darla’s results speak for themselves. “I lost 7 pounds in my first month of the Get you In Shape program and another 5 in my second month. After five month, I am down 25 pounds.”   I lost over 6 pounds per month in the first two months and 5 pounds the third month for a total of 18 pounds in 3 months.

To encourage others, she would say “There is always a banquet or trip or special occasion coming up in the next week or two.  For the longest time, I put off committing to a program because it wasn’t the right time yet.  I finally realized the only perfect day to make a commitment to my health is today.  Get started.  Commit for a month and I think you will find it is worth the effort.

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