Coppell Camp - Boot Camp Info for week #1 -

Coppell Camp – Boot Camp Info for week #1


Feb 27

Happy Monday – We are off and running so far this morning so I hope you are ready for this month’s boot camp!

We have a lot of stuff going on as we start this month so please just take some time to look through everything when you get a change. Remember that we post most of this on the front page of our blog, so you can always head over there instead of opening your email.

1. 24 Day Challenge – By now you should know that our 24 Day Challenge is truly a great program to get a fresh start. We really only promote our fitness program and our 24 Day Challenge because these are the only 2 services that we know can make an impact on someones life long term. We have had a lot of folks already go through it but know that the science recommends doing the 10 day cleanse every 90 days. So if it’s been a longer time for you, you may want to be a part of out next one. Here is the sign up page.

2.Cardio Club – Starts Tuesday both AM and PM
. Go to our cardio club page for more information or to sign up if you are wanting/needing extra help and motivation than what you get through the boot camp.

3. Suggestion of the month = Go to our blog to see why we keep talking about these wonder pills.

4. Tip of the week – Here is this week’s tip. Are you getting enough Fiber? Make sure you take time out to look at this important tip.

5. Workouts this week – Here are workouts suggested for this week.

6. March Boot Camp CalendarHere is the calendar for March. Since we have Spring Break, it is different. Make sure you download it and make a copy.

I Love Burpees part II. I attempted my second go since I knew I could improve on my 1st attempt on Thursday. You can see it on our blog here.

Prizes for February  Attendance – We had about 35 people come to at least 12 sessions or more this month. That is one reason why the results across the board were great. The prizes are picked out of a hat for those that came to boot camp at least 13 times and also were on time (and did not leave early). This is just another motivating tool we use to help you. We know some of you may not win something each month but you do have shot. Just go up to the trainer can claim your prize on Monday or we also may have the bin by the trailer.

Stretch Bands –  Jean Roscovious, Indro Dasgupta, Janet Fetsch,
Fun Color Bands – Paula Monzo, Kathleen Pendergast
GYIS Book –  Darlyn Copeland, Terri Welty
Red GYIS T-Shirt – Kelly Ozymy, Todd Wilcox
Spark – Stacy Price, Amanda Glassey
Heat Rate Monitor –  Sharon Kirby

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