Coppell Boot Camp Workouts Week #4 -

Coppell Boot Camp Workouts Week #4


Nov 13

Coppell Boot Camp Workouts week #4

Remember to always warm up and cool down. You can also add some core work in the off-day cardio to get more time in.

Monday – Boot Camp

Tuesday – 5-8 min warm up
5 – 8 min core work from GYIS Program core page – 1 min each of Pillar Bridges. side pillar, heel taps, slow and Fast bicycles
Interval Training
click to read what interval training is.
1 min slow/1 medium/1 fast – that would be one round. Repeat for 10-15 rounds.

You can also look back at other weeks cardio clicking here
5-8 min cool down or static Stretching

Wednesday -Boot Camp

Thursday 5-8 min warm up
5-8 core work.
30 seconds on 30 off (rest or walk in place)- You can do this with just about an ardio and on any ardio equipment if you are at the gym. But here are a few examples for those of you who only have outside and/or your house/apartment
You will do each of these 5 exercises in a row resting 30 seconds after performing the excercise for 30 seconds.
Cliff Climbers – Walk/jog in place while bringing up one knee to chest and one arm to the sky/ceiling
Jumping Jacks
Base Side to sides – IN base position hop or step side to side as fast as you can
Touch the sky – on toes either jump or stay on toes reaching up to the sky or ceiling as fast as you can
Run in place – football drill -jog in place for 15 seconds and get low in base and do the football drill for 15 seconds
After completing all 5 you would just start back on exercise 1 again until you have completed 30 minutes.

You can also just go run/jog for 30 seconds and rest/walk for 30 seconds

Cool Down Stretch

Friday– Last Day of November Boot Camp

Saturday –
30-45 minutes of anything