Coppell Boot Camp - Workouts for Week #3 -

Coppell Boot Camp – Workouts for Week #3

Workout Of The Day

Oct 10

Monday Fitness Boot Camp –

8-10 Warmup with some core exercises
Interval Training click to read what interval training is.
10 min circuit – See Get You In Shape Program or Get You In Shape workout workbook if you are not sure about these exercises or what they are.
1 min Pillar Bridge (on elbows
30/30 side pillar
1 min Peter Pan (on stomach, hands by hips)
1 Min Reverse Crunches
30sec /30 sec slow-fast bicycles
1 min jumping jacks
1 min jump rope in place (with or without jump rope)
1 min side to side (hopping or stepping)
1 min front to back (hopping or stepping)
1 min touch the sky
After 10 minutes
30 Sec Slow, 30 Sec Fast for 20-30 minutes

Wednesday – Boot Camp

Make sure you stretch before and after the workout
1 Minute Slow and 3 minutes at a medium pace and back to 1 and 3 the entire workout.
Complete 30-45 minutes of cardio.

Friday – Boot Camp

Saturday 7am or 8am boot camp