Coppell Boot Camp Tips and Info for week #4 -

Coppell Boot Camp Tips and Info for week #4


Jun 25

A big reminder to make it a point to drink more water these days because of the heat. We are in our 5th summer now and we know that the workouts are much easier on folks that have made sure to stay rehydrated throughout the day (easier, not easy).

Final week of our June camp. We have some great workouts programmed (as always) and a great tip this week so make sure you check it out.

Please reach out to us and let us know how we can help you if you need anything.

1. Tip of the week – Go here for the tipThis is an easy tip to understand but hard to follow for most people. We do know that if you do follow this tip, your results will show.

2. July 4th – GYIS invites you to join us as we walk the Coppell Parade together.  Here are the pictures  from previous parades we have been in and see how much fun folks had. Information as to where and when are on the blog here but it is just from about 8:45am-10:15am. We would love to have some kids join us as they tend to be the ones who like passing out the GYIS flyers.

3. New Member Orientation – We are now requiring anyone looking to do a trial week or joining our program to come to our New Member Orientation. Click here to read the information so you understand why we are doing this.

4. 24 Day Challenge –
We have had several folks ask when the next Challenge is. We can help get anyone started at any time. Just email me or ask of the trainers and we can sit down and go over the program with you. We can do it after one of the sessions or any other time that is good for you. We most likely won’t have our next group Challenge until August.  So if you are ready to hear about it, we can help you but it will be on a one-on-one basis (unless you have someone else you want to hear about it with and possibly start with)

5. July Calendar
Here is the July Calendar – Make note that we do not have sessions on July 4th and added July 7th as the make up date.

6. Cardio Club – Pay per session options or just save the money and pay for the whole summer. Couldn’t make June but are ready to start in July?
You can see it and also commit to it on our site.

7. Workouts this week – Here are the workouts for this week. Everyone is invited to our once a month Cardio Club 5k which is this Saturday at 7am.

8. Sprint Tri Participants – Here is the page
that we set up to give you the schedule and training for the next 11 weeks.

9. Kids Boot Camp – You can sign up for 1 or all 5 weeks remaining. Details at

Dates Coming up

june 30th – Saturday Cardio Club 5k 7am
July 2nd – Start of next Boot Camp
July 4th – Coppell Parade – come join us & walk the parade
See our Events & Dates Page Here for Dates and Events coming up

Get Fit, Have Fun, Make a Difference

Remember – If you focus on results, you will never see change.
If you focus on CHANGE, you will ALWAYS see RESULTS.

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Brad Linder
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Boot Camps – 24 Day Challenge

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