Coppell Boot Camp - Off Day Cardio -

Coppell Boot Camp – Off Day Cardio


Jan 23

January Boot Camp Week #4
Tuesday –
Inside options – 1 minute of exercise with 30-60 sec rest inbetween
High Knees – March or Run in place bringing your knees to high each step or run.
1-2-3 Inside knee – Move 3 steps to side to side bringing your inside knee to your chest.
Frog Hops – Arms down as your hips are down jump (or step) forward as your hips and arm go up. Repeat by going forward and backward.
Touch the Sky  – Hold arms up to ceiling as you jump on toes (or stay on toes)
Defensive Slides – Go from one side to another 5-10 feet back and forth. Stay low in hips, don’t bring feet together, bend in hips to try and touch the ground
30-45 minutes
Outside options –  2 minutes warm up in Medium.
30 second Spints or jogs. Perform 30 second sprints. Stop each time as you walk back to the start. Try running the same length each time.
30-45 minutes

Inside options – Cardio set – Jumping Jacks, Jump Rope in place, side to side, front to back and touch the ceiling. 30 seconds each. Rest 60 seconds in between circuits. 30-45 min
out side options – 2 minutes at Slow – 2 minutes at Medium-fast pace – 30-45 min

Saturday – Have an option of getting a great workout with us – CLick Here for details
Thursday –

60 Sec SLOW, 60 Medium

Boot Camp Off-Day Cardio Week #3

. Off-Day Cardio
Tuesday – 5-10 min warm up with core exercises (see GYIS workout workbook)
Complete the following exercises in 30-60 sec (based on your fitness level) and rest for 30 seconds
1-2-3 inside knew – move side to side and bring your inside knee in before going to the other side.
Log Jumps – find something in your house and jump over it back and forth as if you were jumping over a log.
Run in place – You can either run back and forth with knees up or jump forward and backward
Defensive Slides – Stay low, don’t bring your feet together, not a race, keep core engaged, bend at hips not back.
Complete circuit for 30-45 minutes
If OutSide – 1 min slow, 1 min medium, 1 min fast 30-45 min.

Jumping Jacks – 1 min
Jump rope in Place
Side to Side
Hopping or steping
Front to Back – Running or hopping
Touch the Sky (or ceiling) 0n toes either jumping or staying on toes.

Saturday – Boot camp 7am or 8am. If you can’t make it- Upper body, Core, Cardio on your own

Boot Camp Off-Day Cardio Week #2

Off-Day Cardio –
Tuesday –  Inside – perform each exercise for 1 minute and rest for 3 minutes after each circuit.
Jumping Jacks
Jump Rope In place (don’t have to have a jump rope)
Cliff Climbers (walking or jogging with knees going to chest and arms reaching to sky)
Hop (or Step) side to side
Front to Back (running or hopping)
Rest 3 minutes after each 5 min. circuit. Try to complete 4-6 ciruits

30 sec slow, 30 medium, 30 fast- Rest 30 sec (2 min total)
Repeat for 30-45 minutes
Saturday – Boot Camp 7am or 8am. If you can’t make it get in Legs, Core, Cardio from Get You In Shape Workout Workbook.

Boot Camp Off-Day Cardio Workouts Week #1
Off-Day Cardio this Week –
– 1 minute of Jumping Jacks Rest 1 minute – Repeat 15-20 times (30-40 min)
Thursday – 1 min Slow, 1 min Medium, 1 min Fast – Repeat 10-15 times for 30-45 min)
Saturday – Get 2 or 3 miles on your own for as long as it takes you.