Coppell Boot Camp – GYIS tips and information for oct. wk #3


Oct 08

Trainer Tip of Week – Here is the tip . It’s a great one that Julie McCan did a while back that is sure to help give you some great nuggets on portion control and sizes.

5 Year Anniversary Giveaways –
We still have 2 weeks to Celebrate by giving back. We have already given out over $1,500 in the Advocare giveaway. Don’t miss out on your chance to win.

Cash Referral Rewards ProgramRead about it here. The criteria and tips are on the page there.
So far we have Mallik Anu Mudigonda who referred new participants Prabu and Lakshmi Ayyagari and Belinda Fernandes who referred new participant Christi Lazo as the only two with referrals. They will be getting the normal referral rewards cash soon and also have a chance at the $500 contest winnings.  We have a New Member Orientation this Saturday from 9-10:30am so end folks to the page here and have them sign up for a free trial week. From there, we will do our part to show them how our program can make a huge difference in their lives and hopefully get them to join you in our workouts.

Advocare $50 giveawaysHere is the information
We will have 24 Day Challenge Mixer’s @6:30pm on Oct 9th, & 16th to come here about it take advantage of the $50 giveaways but you don’t have to come to get the $50 giveaway. Sign up at to get full information.

Workouts this week – Here are
the suggested workouts for this week.

GYIS Long Runs – If you want information on our long runs, we have made a link to the page we will update regularly. Just go go, scroll over Blog on the top of the page and click on the Get You In Shape long run dates/times. Here is the link

October Calendar – Here is the Oct. Calendar. This week M-W-F and Saturday 7am and 8am

Dates and Events Coming up
Here is the Dates and Events Page
September 24-October 19thGYIS 5 Year giveaways/Contests
October 13th, & 20th –
New Member Orientation’s @9am
October 9th – 24 Day Challenge Mixer @6:30 Info & Sign Up
October 9th – 3rd 24 Day Challenge follow up meeting 7:30pm
October 13th  – Saturday Boot Camp 7am or 8am
October 16th – 24 Day Challenge Mixer @6:30 Info & Sign Up
October 16th – LAST 24 Day Challenge follow up meeting 7:30pm
October 19th – Last Day of Boot Camp
October 20th – Get You In Shape’s Monthly 5k @8am
October 22nd –Start of next boot camp

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