Coppell Boot Camp - Fitness Workouts week #4 -

Coppell Boot Camp – Fitness Workouts week #4


Feb 19

Remember to always warm up and cool down. You can also add some core work in the off-day cardio to get more time in.

Monday – Boot Camp #12

Tuesday – 5-8 min warm up
5 – 8 min core work from GYIS Program core page – 1 min each of Pillar Bridges. side pillar, heel taps, slow and Fast bicycles
Interval Training
click to read what interval training is.

2-3 minutes of medium pace to warm up
Start at the same place and go 15 seconds as fast pace
Walk back to the start. Try getting the same place each time.
Go for 30 minutes

You can also look back at other weeks cardio clicking here
5-8 min cool down or static Stretching

Wednesday -Boot Camp #13

Thursday 5-8 min warm up
5-8 minutes of Core work

Hills – Find a street that has a big hill
2-4 Min of medium pace going up the hill
2-4 min of slow pace going down the hill
30-45 Minutes total

You can also just go run/jog for 30 seconds and rest/walk for 30 seconds

Cool Down Stretch

Friday– Boot Camp #14 – Last session of this month

Saturday – Coppell’s Get You In Shape Cardio Club 8am
This is for those that are in the Cardio Club for February, are signing up for March or are thinking about signing up for March and are not sure yet.
Or 3.1 Miles on your own