Coppell and Dallas Boot Camp - Cardio Workouts for the week -

Coppell and Dallas Boot Camp – Cardio Workouts for the week


Apr 26

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What to do this week: When you are finished make sure you stay accountable to what you did and blog about it below in the comment section.

Tuesday (Wednesday for 2000 McKinney)  
Get out and get moving!
30 Secounds Slow
30 Seconds Fast
10 Minutes

1 minute Slow
1 Minute Fast
10 Minutes

2 Minutes Slow
2 Minutes Medium
2 Minutes FAST
10 Minutes

This would be 30 minutes. If you want to do more, start back on the first one.

Thursday (Friday for 2000 McKinney)        
Try doing 30-45 minutes at a slow-medium pace

Jump rope in place                           1 minute
Base Side to Side                             30 Seconds
Jumping Jacks                                  1 Minute
Fast Jump Squats                           30 Seconds
Run in Place                                      1 Minute
REST  1 Minutes

Suicides (lines)
Find 4-5 lines that you can use for this
run to the first line and touch the line (with hands or feet)
Run back to starting line
Run to the second line and touch
Run back to start.
Preform this for each of the lines until you are finished.

Rest 30-60 seconds
Perform 5-10 sets

If it just says cardio, you do not have to worry about slow, medium, and fast. Just push yourself and get your heart going for that specific period of time.

If you want to know how to figure out what speed you are going with your fitness level, here is a simple way to figure it out.
Slow – easily carry on a conversation
Medium – can only say one or two sentences without having to catch your breath
Hard – Can not talk

Also, 30 mintues is the minimum you should be doing. We have put the off-day cardio workouts as doing a minumum of 30 minutes. You can decide to do longer workouts as it will only help in your progress. What we see, though, is people thinking 60 minutes is too long (that is what the USDA recommends each day for weight loss) so they jsut don’t workout. Finding at least 30 minutes those off-days to focus on your health is something that you should do. If you can add more time, great.
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