Coppell and Dallas Boot Camp and Personal Trainer Weight Loss and Fitness Exericise of the Month -

Coppell and Dallas Boot Camp and Personal Trainer Weight Loss and Fitness Exericise of the Month


Oct 27

Dallas and Coppell Boot Camp and Personal Trainer Exercise of the Month

The exercise of the month is a great exercise to combine different muscles groups into one great exercise. There are few movements hit as many muscle groups and deliver as intense a cardiovascular workout as the burpee. After performing 10, no matter how fresh you are, your heart will be pumping hard and you will be breathing hard. Want to be done with your workout in 5 minutes? Do 5 minutes of burpee without stopping and you’ll be on the floor for 5 minutes like a boxer down for the count.

As a personal trainer in the Dallas area running one of the largest fitness boot camps in Dallas, it is my job to produce results for each and every person that sign up and commit to our boot camp. Burpees combines a squat, pushup, and vertical leap. Think about the amount of mass (your entire body weight) you move over a large distance (your full height plus the height of your vertical leap) and you’ll understand just how many calories you can quickly burn with this exercise.

It is important to watch the 2 different movements on the video of this exercise. Things to focus on the entire movement:
Go at your own pace or fitness level.
When bringing legs up try to land in the middle of your foot and not so much in your toes. This will help bring more weight to your hips and less in your knees.
When going down in the Plank or push up, try to hold hips still and do not let them drag down to the floor. This will keep your core engaged throughout the exercise and also take pressure off your back.

The video does not have the Push up but you would perform a push up after brining legs back and holding in a plank position.


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