Client of the Year Nominee 2015 - Michele Solorio -

Client of the Year Nominee 2015 – Michele Solorio

Success Story

Dec 30

Michele Solorio is Co-Owner and operator of a custom home framing company. She lives in Irving and has been with GYIS for almost 2 1/2 yrs.

Q: Where were you at in your life before the Get You In Shape? What did your life look like? I had a hectic life with three small children. I was occasionally working out with a personal trainer. I was not working at our office at that time but I was busy with house and kids. I was in a funk. My father had recently died, I was sleep deprived and I was not happy with my body.

Q: Why did you decide to join Get You In Shape? I wanted to do something for myself to help me reach my goal weight and I wanted the energy to keep up with my kids.

Q: What was your first experience with or first impression of Get You In Shape? My first impression of get you in shape was how welcoming and supportive everyone was.

Q: What are some of the tools from the Get You In Shape program you have used that has helped you? Tools I have learned are that exercise alone will not get you to your goal. You have to change the way you think about eating. My fitness pal is a good tool to keep track of your eating and help count calories and fat intake. Run keeper and Fitbit are other tools I now use to keep track of my miles and steps per day. GYIS Facebook community is really helpful. The challenges we participate in, recipes, class schedules and friends connecting with one another are a nice addition to the classes themselves. Cardio club is great for off day cardio. The monthly challenges that are posted on Fb help give a little extra motivation and accountability.

Q: What do you like most about the Get You In Shape Program? They are numerous. …I like the multiple class times, the trainers are so helpful and friendly, the other clients are so enjoyable to be around, I like the consistency (rain or shine, they’re always there to challenge us). I never would have thought that one day I would look forward to working out, but I do!!

Michele Solorio Before & afterQ: How has the Get You In Shape program helped change your life? Wow, it has uplifted my spirit, my attitude and my physical strength. But I do have to say that May 1st of this year I suffered a brain injury and after 2 weeks in the hospital doctors told me it would be about 6 months to a year or longer before I would be back to my regular activities. I returned to boot camp two months to the day of my accident. Although I wasn’t a 100% and I had to start slow… I was doing it.

Q: What is your proudest moment or result from the Get You in Shape program? My proudest moment was when I got my sub 10 min mile band because that was on my bucket list for a long time. I now have a new goal of sub 9 min mile!! Also, getting my 100 mile t-shirt. I got most of those miles in rehab on the treadmill.

Q: How has the Get You In Shape Program impacted other areas of your life? The impact of GYIS in my life is big. I mean going back to the injury I sustained earlier this year I owe my advanced recovery to GYIS. I had several doctors ask me what type of physical activities did I participate in and I would say GYIS boot camp. They told me that I was lucky that I was strong enough 1) to hang on to my car as long as I did before falling; 2) I could lift myself up to the wheel chair, then walker, then eventually cane without assistance; 3) I had the mindset to accept that this recovery was going to be hard and long and frustrating. I spent the summer at the center for Neuro skills with physical, occupational and speech therapy. Everyone there said I was improving so quickly… About 50% faster than they had ever seen anyone with my injuries do before. They said it was due to me being in such good physical shape. I was strong and had better stamina than most recovering. Granted I felt like I had no endurance or strength but when I looked at the patients around me I could do quite a bit more. I was grateful that I was in this program.
I have made such good friends here. Everyone was so kind to me during my recovery, sending me cards, gifts, visiting me in the hospital. Just an overwhelming outpour of support. I am blessed to be here, talking to you right now and I am blessed to be involved in such a great community. Anyone who works out in the evening knows my children and I am grateful to everyone’s patience and acceptance of them being around the workout area.

Q: What are the results that you have achieved from the Get You In Shape program and how has Get You In Shape played a role in your results? I have changed my mindset about exercise. I know I have to move and keep going. Never give up and I will get results. I cannot be lax about food or commitment to working out and expect a change. I have always wanted to like running, although I’m not all the way there yet, I don’t mind it as much. I am back to cardio club. I came back this month which is 2 months ahead of when I had expected to return. I figured I wouldn’t know if I could do it unless I tried… So I did. I have ran 2- 5ks which I would have never dreamed of doing before I joined and I have another one scheduled for next month. I’m working my way up to a 10k!! I have lost 10lbs since my return back in July. I have lost 2 dress sizes this year and I have participated and completed 4 challenges and still working on running 350 miles this year (biggest loser, 100 a day challenge, ab challenge and booty challenge). These are things I would not have thought I would do a year ago.

I just have a new outlook on life. When you are blessed with a second chance you realize you cannot take things or opportunities for granted. We are not promised tomorrow so I must take advantage of today and I choose to keep on my path of self-improvement and I thank GYIS for being there for me and supporting me on this journey.

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