Client of the Year 2015 - 1st Place - Sharon Kirby -

Client of the Year 2015 – 1st Place – Sharon Kirby

Success Story

Dec 30

Sharon Kirby is a Tax Accountant at Boy Scouts of America National Service Center. She lives in Coppell and has been regularly attending boot camp since Jan. 2015.

Q: Where were you at in your life before the Get You In Shape? What did your life look like? I was definitely living a sedentary life prior to GYIS. I watched a lot of TV, stayed up late and had trouble getting up for work each morning. I thought I knew what to do but I sure wasn’t doing it.

Q: Why did you decide to join Get You In Shape? In the fall of 2014 my son asked his girlfriend to marry him and then in December, my daughter’s boyfriend proposed to her. Both weddings were scheduled for the summer of 2015. I did not want to be remembered forever in wedding photos at the size I was currently wearing. With June and August wedding dates set, I knew I needed help. GYIS had helped me achieve results before so I decided to try YET again. I was a little worried, though, that I wouldn’t be able to achieve the results I had in a previous year (2012).

Q: What was your first experience with or first impression of Get You In Shape? I love that the team at GYIS welcomed me back with no lecture.  I felt accepted, not ashamed for where I had ‘fallen’. It was also a warm welcome because many of the trainers were the same ones who had helped me a few years earlier.

Q: What are some of the tools from the Get You In Shape program you have used that has helped you? I had never tried the suggested healthy cleanse or 24 Day Jump Start. I had heard people talking about them though. Using the Total Transformation Contest as a kickstarter was very helpful. I also logged my food into MyFitnessPal and linked a fitbit zip to count steps and record exercise into MyFitnessPal. It was eye opening to see what the calorie and nutrient make up was in some of the meals that I had previously eaten thinking they were ‘healthy’.

Q: What do you like most about the Get You In Shape Program? Definitely the people! Both the trainers and the clients make it a positive and welcoming environment to be in. The variety of exercises and work out sets is also great.

Sharon Kirby Before & AfterQ: How has the Get You In Shape program helped change your life? I never thought I would be getting up at 5:30 a.m. to exercise 5 to 6 days out of the week or to just exercise 5 to 6 days out of every week since January. This consistency has been a new thing for me. With the help of a little Spark I have drastically reduced my coffee consumption and completely cut out creamers (except occasionally I have a little flavored creamer). These are BIG changes for me!! I am more hopeful about my health and my future years here on Earth. It has totally changed my life’s course from one of gaining weight every month to losing or maintaining my weight.

Q: What is your proudest moment or result from the Get You in Shape program? My regular attendance is one of my proudest moments. The weddings may have ‘scared me’ into coming but it is the great encouraging people that make me want to keep up the routine. I am also excited to be 2 seconds away from breaking the 8 minute mile mark.

Q: How has the Get You In Shape Program impacted other areas of your life? It is much more fun to look for new clothes in sizes that are half what my starting size was! I am more confident to try things than I was before and much more optimistic about the future.

Q: What are the results that you have achieved from the Get You In Shape program and how has Get You In Shape played a role in your results? I have lost 39.75 pounds and 180.5 inches. And it is staying off!!! I also cut 2 minutes and 12 seconds off of my mile time. I can run a 5k in just under 30 minutes now, which I had not been able to do before.

I really didn’t want to go out for client of the year but I did not want to miss out on the opportunity to publicly thank Brad, Cynthia, Julie, Chaney, Meg, Kathy, Lotta and all of the fun clients that I have been encouraged by all throughout this year. I felt so cared for and supported and I received so much assistance in achieving my goal to look better for the 2 weddings. It’s been quite a journey that continues to bless me and my family.

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