City of Coppell - Pricing and options for fitness program -

City of Coppell – Pricing and options for fitness program


Sep 29

City of Coppell – Living Well Program – Wellness Benefits and different options.
This website page is only for City of Coppell Employees. If you want information about the Coppell Boot Camp, CLICK HERE

Each City Participant will need to come to at least 12 sessions in the Coppell Boot Camp to get credit. If you do not complete 12 sessions, you will end up having to pay for the program. We offer 14 sessions for you to come to. You can also complete 2 sessions in one day if you need to (only 2) make any up.

Here are the options for you.
1. Get You In Shape can turn your consent form into H.R. and the City of Coppell will reimburse me. Since you have to earn your Wellness Money throughout the year, you will need to make sure you have money for that quarter to do it this way. If you do not, we recommend doing option two.

2. You can pay Get You In Shape directly for the program and get cash back from the City when you earn your money. However many months you come to will be paid back to you if you have enough many in the account.

How much is the program?     
The Program is normally $199.99, but since you are a City Employee, you get $50 off! The City rate is only $150
Is there a discount for family?
The $50 only applies to City Employees but the sessions will count toward our regular member discounts (see next question)
What if I want to go all year?
We have had many boot camp participants that have been going for over a year now. We put a discount program for them so their cost is less that a new participant. For the City Employees with have done the same thing. The pricing below is for consecutive months.    

Months  1-3      $150
Months 4 +       $100

What if I take a month off, do I get to keep my discount?
You do get one month off before the discount is not longer offered. The reason we have the discount is to reward those who are in our program month in, month out. After 2 months of being away, the rate goes back up to $150, which is still $50 less than the normal fee.