Christmas in July 2014 - Bring-A-Friend-Free -

Christmas in July 2014 – Bring-A-Friend-Free


Jul 10

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  • Two Weeks of FREE (no “strings”) Workouts For Your Friends

  • Extra MOTIVATION For You By Having a Friend Join YOU

  • A Chance To WIN Prizes Including a FREE MONTH OF GYIS

For all of our Get You In Shape Clients, we want to say THANK YOU!!!
We really appreciate you putting your trust in Get You In Shape for your fitness and weight loss program.   We enjoy having people like you who are truly committed to their goals and the success of their program, and we would like to meet more people like you.

That’s why we’re doing the “Christmas In July” at Get You In Shape August 4th-16th.  You have from now until the end July to GIVE THE GIFT OF HEALTH. If you have a friend, family member, or co-worker who would like to see what you’ve been up to here at Get You In Shape, feel free to invite them to enjoy two weeks of workouts with you. If they can’t come at the same time as you, but would still like to try a workout with us, have them call us at 214-603-8287 and we’ll make sure our trainers know to keep an eye out for them.

It’s free…with no strings attached.

In fact, they can come as often as they like with you or on their own during our Christmas in July. The only thing we will require is that they follow the directions on the gift certificate you received in the mail before coming to the first class.   (See below for a copy).

ChristmasJuly_Gift_Certificate_KLD Version

This is a Copy of the Certificate You Will Give to Your Friends, Family & Co-Workers

This allows us to contact them via email and give them the information they need to be prepared for class, including knowing which days and times are available for them to enjoy. If they decide to join after the two weeks, we will also give them an incentive to sign up as a client, if that is something they are interested in doing.
What’s in it for YOU?

With our Cash Referral Rewards program, YOU win by getting cash for every month they sign up! As a special bonus …we’ll be GIVING away prizes for every client that brings a friend AND we will have a grand prize of ONE FREE MONTH!

You also will get MOTIVATION to come to the Get You In Shape sessions in the dead heat of summer because you have your friends joining you.

As another incentive, if you are not already in Cardio Club, you can come with your friend(s) that come for those 2 weeks.

Here are the details:

  1. The TWO FREE WEEKS are only August 4th-16th.  No exceptions.
  2. Your friends must sign up online at or call us at 214-603-8287 and mention that you are the client referring them.  That is the only way we know that they are your friend. It will also help us better serve the person you are referring to us.
  3. You can GIVE up to 5 People 2 Free Weeks of Get You In Shape.  This ALL ACCESS GYIS PASS  Includes 7 Boot camp (M-W-F+ Sat) Sessions PLUS 4 Cardio Club (Tu + Th) Sessions. 11 Total Sessions for FREE with NO – Obligation.
  4. You do not have to attend the same sessions as your friend, but we highly encourage it.
  5. We will do our best to help bring your friend on as a client.  If your friend chooses one of our program options (3, 6, or 12 month options) and becomes a client,  you will receive $CASH$ for the referral as a part of our Cash Referral Rewards program
  6. All clients who bring a friend during our “Christmas in July” promotion will receive a special prize.
  7. Your friend(s) does need to be someone new to Get You In Shape and not a former client.
  8. Every client who has a friend join one of our program options will be eligible to win prizes and a GRAND PRIZE of ONE FREE MONTH!

Time is important here so you will need to get on the ball and use the email I have provided below, hand friends the certificates you got in the mail, or just call the person you have in mind.

Because each client is limited to 5 people to give the Gift of Health to, we will let you know when someone has signed up so that you can contact them and let them know you are excited and motivated by them joining you.

Here are some options to help promote our “Give the Gift of Health” Christmas in July.

1. Make a personal phone call to the 5 people you have in mind to let them know out the “GIVE THE GIFT OF HEALTH” Christmas In July.
Let them know you only have 5 spots and you thought of them. Them direct them to sign up at or call us at 214-603-8287. You can also just let them know you will email them the details so they can sign up. Ask then if they will commit and sign up, though, because you only have five spots to give out.
You can also text them but they are more likely to respond with a personal phone call.

2. Message someone on Facebook – With only 5 people you can give it to, we recommend that you not put it on your page as you may get more than 5 signing up.
So just send them a message wit

3. Send an email
Here is an Email you can send to the person(s) you want to GIVE 2 FREE WEEKS!

Hey ___________!

Hope things are going great for you.

I’ve recently been attending Get You In Shape and the owner is having a Christmas In July giveaway. They are letting me give up to 5 of my friends 2 Free Weeks of the Get You in Shape Program.  This giveaway will be for the 2 weeks starting August 4th – 16th and includes 7 boot camp sessions and 4 Cardio Club sessions.

That’s why I’m emailing you. I would like to give you 2 Free Weeks for you to use.

I’ve always wanted a fitness program to motivate me to stay on track and push me to reach my goals and Get You In Shape has done that for me. In fact I’ve already lost ______ pounds since I joined, feel better than I have in a long time and think you would enjoy it too.

If you would like to take advantage of this gift, I’d love to give it to you as I’d really enjoy having you in the fitness sessions with me and I’m sure you’d love it!

Just email me back or give me a call and let me know if you would like to take advantage of this great (and FREE) gift.  If you don’t have time or are already part of a program you like, no problem. Just let me know so I let someone else use it.

Again, I hope things are going well for you. Hope to see you soon.

Have a great day!



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