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Apr 21

Coppell Personal Trainer Tip – Pushing Past The Discomfort

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Coppell Personal Trainer Tip – 6 Tips to Push past the Discomfort

1. The discomfort: Feeling Anxious in Anticipation of a Run and/or workout

How to Deal with It: Remember Your Strengths
think of all the other challenging workouts you’ve done to remind yourself of how strong and capable you are

2. The discomfort: Struggling Through a Running workout

How to Deal with It: Run with Purpose

Do not dwell on how much you hurt. Rather, focus on your rationale for training. Tell yourself, ‘I’m working this hard because…’ and then fill in your performance goal.

3. The discomfort: Climbing a Steep Hill

How to Deal With it: Repeat a Mantra
If you connect pain with a negative emotion, you’ll feel more pain. Connect it with a positive thought, and you’ll feel less. Create a positive affirmation you can call upon during tough bouts.

4. The discomfort: Hitting a Low

How to Deal With It: Know It Will Pass
Remind yourself that the discomfort is temporary, and each step forward is one closer to the finish. Research has even shown that pain is often mostly in your head and not an accurate signal of physical distress. Keeping this in mind will enable you to push through the discomfort so you can run faster or longer.

5. The discomfort: Running Fatigue

How to Deal with It: Think of the Payoff
Do not get too emotionally involved with the discomfort or get upset when you feel it. Detach yourself and simply use it as information.  Ask yourself where the pain is and why it’s happening. And if it’s not related to an injury, then acknowledge that this could be an indication that what you’re doing is going to help you reach your goal.

6. The discomfort: Soreness is evidence of Production

How to Deal with It: Distract Yourself
Focus on something else while also staying in the moment; find a way to channel your discomfort. Get You In Shape and GYIS Cardio Club is here for you. We will be here smiling and cheering you on.

Ideas to help with soreness Items needed:  foam roller, a massage stick and either a lacrosse ball or Trigger Point Therapy ball.

  1. Set a timer. Use your watch or your smart phone to set a timer so that it beeps every minute.
  2. The feet. Roll the ball under each foot for one minute. Find any particular hot spots and apply good pressure.
  3. Using the massage stick, go after the calf muscles, one minute per leg. If you find any deep knots, spend some extra time with the ball digging in and across the knot.
  4. Quads. Put the roller on the ground and lay down on it so you can roll out your quad muscles, one minute each side.
  5. IT bands. Roll out each IT band, one-minute each. A minute doesn’t sound very long until you get to this one.
  6. Hamstrings. Using the roller, roll out the hamstrings, one minute per side.
  7. Glutes. Spend a final couple of minutes rolling out each hip and also the lower back. An additional tool can be a softball or softball-size mobility ball, which can also be used to work out any knots in the gluteus muscles.Coppell Fitness Tip written by Get You In Shape coach Kathy Chasteen




Kathy Chasteen
All Level Physical Ed. and Health Degree
Texas State University-San Marcos, Texas

Kathy currently leads and assists the Get You In Shape Cardio Club Program.

Kathy Chasteen has been coaching athletes in Grand Prairie and Coppell for the last 28 years. She has recently retired from teaching and coaching in the public schools and is looking forward to the transition from coaching teenagers to working with adults. Kathy loves motivating others to do their best.

She began working out with Get You in Shape in July 2012 after encouragement by Kristi Walthall. Kathy has lost 14 pounds and 15 inches in the last year and is addicted to our morning workouts.  She has also utilized the 24 Day Challenge to feel 100% and to learn better nutrition habits.

#2 Coppell Fitness Before After KathyKathy has lived in Coppell and worked for the Coppell ISD since 1997.  She is supported by her husband Brad, her four children, her son-in-law, and her grandbaby that is expected in February! All four children graduated from Coppell High School and went on to become college graduates, and the Chasteens have been deeply rooted in our community for years.

Kathy has made a real difference in so many young peoples’ lives and she looks forward to “coaching” her new athletes and helping them achieve their goals.


Get You In Shape was started in 2006 by Brad Linder. Fast forward to today, Get You In Shape is the most popular, most talked about, and most results-driven fitness program in the Dallas, TX area and in Coppell, TX. Since 2007, Get You In Shape has helped over 5000 participants in our nutrition services and fitness programs. Group Fitness Boot Camps and the Advocare 24 Day Challenge are the two most popular programs that Get You in Shape offers.  Get You In Shape also offers Corporate Wellness and Fitness Programs and also private personal training.

Please feel free to look around the website and sign up for our free reports. If you are in the Dallas and Coppell area, let us know how we can help you. We have free trial weeks of our fitness boot camp and free informational meeting about our 24 Day Challenge.

If you live close to or work close to Coppell, Irving, Valley Ranch, Las Colinas, Grapevine, Carrollton, Plano, Flower Mound, Dallas, Southlake, Lewisville and other Dallas area cities, Get You In Shape has both fitness program and nutrition programs for you.

Mar 17

Coppell Trainer Tip – Resistance Training benefits over just cardio

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Coppell Trainer Tip – Resistance Training benefits over just cardio

This week’s tip is from Dr. Todd Miller. He explains the basics on how adding resistance (strength or weight training) into your workouts can benefit your results and how you look.

Todd Miller, PhD, CSCS,*D, FNSCA


Dr. Todd Miller is an Associate Professor of Exercise Science at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services in Washington DC, where he is responsible for the development and oversight of the Master’s degree concentration in strength and conditioning. He has degrees in Exercise Physiology from Penn State and Texas A&M, and currently studies the role of interactive video gaming as a means of increasing physical activity in children.

Dr. Todd Miller brings his incredible knowledge to the world of Advocare. He became a huge believer in the products because they changed HIM. See how his body fat dropped and his REAL STORY below.

Click here to see Dr. Todd Miller’s Advocare information

Coppell Trainer Tip – Resistance Training benefits over just cardio
What’s the best way to burn calories? Do I burn more calories doing cardio or resistance training? How many calories do I burn in a Get You In Shape workout? Why are the Get You In Shape workouts designed the way they are?

These are all great questions and also important to know when it comes to getting the health and fitness results you are looking for. To make things simple, it’s important you understand the basics. It’s also important for you to know why we have designed the Get You In Shape program and why we design our workouts the way we do.

The exact number of calories burned during resistance training (strength training) and cardio workouts depends on intensity, time, your age, weight and your body composition. This is why getting in shape is a process of trial and error. Learning about your body, what works and what doesn’t takes some time and effort to along the way.

Get You In Shape has built our program around providing you with the professional workouts to help you with your results.  The Get You In Shape workouts are designed to  constantly change in order for the benefits (RESULTS) to take place.  We do this through intensity, time, equipment, weight, exercises and frequency (these are a few). These are all factors and how many calories your body burns for each particular workout (and after).

Let’s start with the basics: We are going to assume that you are wanting to know how many calories your body is burning so that you can get (or stay) toned and lose body fat.  It takes 3,500 calories to equal one pound of fat. That means that your body will need to burn an extra 3,500 calories per week to lose one pound.  Get You In Shape recommends exercising in order for your body to burn more calories each day AND changing your nutrition program so that you are keeping your daily caloric intake where it needs to be in order for your body to lose body fat. If you burn 500 calories more per day  through exercise and changing your nutrition each day of the week, you can reach that goal of one pound a week lost.

What is Resistance Training? or What is strength training?
Resistance training (strength training) are exercises that recruit the largest number of muscles (squats, lunges, kettlebell swings, squat thrusts, burpees, inverted rows, pull ups, and push ups).  Do any of these exercises sound familiar?

What is Cardio?  Anything that raises the heart. Cardio exercises are done for longer stretches of time, making the heart beat faster and pumping more blood through your system, the blood carrying nutrients and oxygen to every cell. Any activity that gets your heart rate to about 50 – 75% of the maximum can be classified as cardio.

Benefits of  doing Resistance Training (strength training) and Cardio:
We all know the actual health benefits of exercise so for the sake of this Trainer Tip, we will focus on the benefits of calorie burn for resistance (strength) training and cardio.

Benefits of  Resistance Training (strength training) – Performing resistance training (strength training) raises your muscle metabolism during the exercise session and continues for a long time afterward, even days following high-intensity workouts. Adding more lean muscle mass to your body also allows you to drop dress sizes (or pant sizes) WITHOUT actually losing that much weight. This is why you have heard the phrase “muscle weighs more than FAT.”
Adam Campbell, author of “The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises,” reports on research showing that between the ages of 30 and 50, you’re likely to lose 10 percent of the total muscle on your body, which can double to 20 percent by the time you reach 60.
I like to use the example of when your muscles may be sore from a workout. This soreness is from the muscle (s) your worked hard in a workout being broken down. The body has to work hard over the next few days (ei burn a lot of calories) to repair that muscle.
This is one reason why it’s key to perform the exercises correctly AND make sure your intensity level is high so you get the benefit of your body burning more calories 24-48 after the workout. This is why we focus on explaining the exercises so that you get the most out of each particular exercise. Doing the exercise correctly is also a key to helping to prevent injuries.

Benefits of Cardio – Performing cardio will help optimize fat loss. Plain and simple! If you want to optimize fat loss, adding more cardio will help you get there. It is important to know that we recommend interval based cardio. This has been proven to help your body burn more calories in less time. Who doesn’t want to burn 2 and 3 times the calories?

After looking at the benefits of both resistance training and cardio it would be smart to incorporate both of these into your workouts in order to maximize the benefits (burn the most calories during and after the workout).

How many calories do I burn?
As stated above, the exact number of calories burned during strength training workouts depends on intensity, time, age and your body composition. According to the Harvard Medical School, on average, caloric burn ranges from 90 calories per hour of moderate training by a 125-pound person to up to 266 calories per hour of vigorous effort by a 185-pound person. Circuit training burns even more. Christopher Scott, Ph.D., an exercise physiologist at the University of Southern Maine, began using a modified method to estimate energy expenditure and found that weight training burns up to 71 percent more calories than originally thought. By his calculations, just one circuit of eight exercises taking about eight minutes can expend 159 to 231 calories, or about the same as running at a 6-minute-mile pace.

What’s the best way to burn calories if you want to lose body fat and lose weight?
As you can see above, you do want to incorporate both resistance training (strength) and cardio into your workouts because you will get the best of both worlds. Here are a few different types of workouts.
High Intensity Interval Training – HIIT constantly forces your heart to adjust to changing conditions. You can use HIIT for both resistance exercise and cardio.  Your heart learns to operate outside of its norm, and your body learns to adapt to these changes.  All of this changing  kicks your metabolism into high gear for hours after you finish exercising. This is designed for shorter bouts as your body is going at a higher intensity and should have rest periods to maximize this.
Resistance Training (strength training) – Helps your body burn more calories 24-48 hours after your workout.
Circuit Training  – This is a series of exercises repeated with little or no rest.  Circuit training burns 30 percent more calories than a typical weight workout and offers more cardio benefits.
Cardio – You can incorporate cardio into your resistance training or add the interval training just with your cardio to get the most calories burned.

How many calories do you burn at a given Get You In Shape workout?
We have now gone a full circle. This depends on intensity, time, your age, weight and your body composition.  Get You In Shape varies each workout but always incorporates both resistance training and cardio into the workout. Since the workouts vary, the calories burned varies from workout to workout. It is safe, based on the amount of time we do workout and the programming, that a general number would be 350-500 calories a the Get You In Shape workout. You burn more calories DURING the workout when we have a workout that has more cardio and is circuit based. Other workouts will be more strength based which means you will not burn as many during the workout but you body will continue to burn calories 24-48 hours after your workout. In general, though, we aim to program the workouts so that you get both the benefits of the cardio (higher calorie burn during the workout) and resistance training (your body continues to burn calories 24-48 hours post workout).

Cliff Notes:
1. Include interval training which includes rest periods so you can continue at a high intensity level. This can be implemented with both resistance training and cardio.
2. Make sure you include resistance (strength) training to help with post workout calorie burn (24-48 hours after the workout).
3. Add Cardio in to help optimize fat loss
In general, a typical Get You In Shape workout would be 350-500 calories burned given all the factors.

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Mar 02

Get You In Shape Spring Challenge

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Spring Challenge
Have you been putting off your cardio due to bad weather? Or, maybe you’re looking for a little extra motivation to pump up your efforts?  Maybe you just come to classes and only think about off day cardio but haven’t ever been inspired to actually get out there and do something.  Regardless of your reason, join us in this challenge to help you achieve your fitness goals.
100 Miles in 8 Weeks!!
I know it sounds like a lot (and it is!) but it is very doable whether you are a walker or a runner.  Here are the details:
Start Date:  Monday, March 10, 2014
How to communicate – We will be mainly using the GYIS VIP facebook private group page (a private page for GYIS clients only) to communicate about this so please make sure you are checking it or in the group.
Tracking:  This is all about YOU. So pick something that is easy for you to track your miles each week.  We recommend you use some type of APP that is available to make it easier to keep track. Some people have also just hand written their miles on the JPEG below. If you are doing your cardio inside on a treadmill, just take a picture of the miles (or you can also just write it down).
We do ask that you just post your total miles for the week on the GYIS VIP facebook private group every Satruday or Sunday. You can also post your pictures but so that the tracking can be easy for Julie, post how may miles you got in that particular week.
Tips:  There are a number of things you can do to help you complete this challenge but two really easy ones are 1) Get a friend to join you on the challenge and 2) Join Cardio Club to easily knock out those miles! Also, follow the suggested Interval Training workouts below or just Incorporate your own Interval Training into your workouts as you track your miles in.
End of Contest:  Tips: Treat this just like the off-day Cardio. You want to incorporate Interval Training into this to get the most out of your cardio (burn the most calories). Mainly, you just don’t want to go at the same speed for 3 miles. You will need a stop watch or use your phone to help you get the benefits of interval training.Here are some suggestions that you can do for the days you run 3 miles (or whatever distance you choose). Since you have 3 sessions each week that you do at least 3 miles, I am giving you 6 different days of different interval training workouts for you to do. After the sixth workout, you just start back over. Again if you want to do Cardio Club, let us know. We already incorporate this into our off-day workouts and the clients in this program do above and beyond what they would ever do on their own.Again, the key is to get the most out of your workouts. If it’s been proven that Interval Training will help your body burn more calories, why not incorporate it into this?
Everyone is at different fitness levels (walkers, joggers, runners) but try to remember this when doing your cardio workouts and following the Interval TrainingSlow pace – You are able to carry on a conversation very easy
Medium Pace – You get in a sentence or two before needed to breathe
Fast pace  – It’s tough to even talk.

Day #1 – 1 minute each. SLOW pace, MEDIUM pace, then FAST pace. Each set would last 3 minutes. You just repeat that for however long it takes you to complete the distance.

Day #2 – 800’s or 1/2 mile runs/jogs. Go at your medium to hard pace for a 1/2 mile. Walk for 2-3 mintues in between and repeat until you complete your desired distance.

Day #3 – Slow to  Medium pace the entire time. Try staying at the same pace for the entire distance

Day #4 – 3 Minutes Medium/Hast pace 2 minutes SLOW

Day #5 – Go to a TRACK or somewhere where you can go about .25 miles or 400 meters. Slow .25 miles then FAST .25 miles. Repeat until desired distance.

Day #6  Hills – Go somewhere that has hills. There are a lot of streets in Coppell with hills that are great for this workout. Start with a SLOW to Medium 1 mile. Then go at your FAST pace up the hill. Go down at your slow pace. Do that for a mile then finish the distance you need to complete the workout (not with hills) at your SLOW to Medium Pace.

Who all is entered:
Alicia Gardner
Amanda James
Belinda Fernandes
Bill Keating
Blayne Wunschel
Brad Linder
Brittany Putnam
Bryan Eells
Carla Cassie
Chaney Respondek
Christi Rodman
Christina Harmon
Christy Lozo
Chuck McCan
Ciny Peel
Cynthia Linder
Daniela Centento
Darla Jo Manning
Darlyn Copeland
Deb Tate
Denise Munro
Ellie Halpin
Erin Mueller
Fred Purches
Gary Green
Indira Guizetti
Ivette Rosinski
Jane Smith
Jeanette Bovenzi
Jennifer Farris
Jocelyn Painatt
Joyce Reece
Julie Lamphier
Julie McCan
Karen McMahon
Kathy Chasteen
Kathy Eells
Kathy Pendergast
Kristen Hyden
Leigh Walker
Lisa Dunham
Liz Hess
Lotta Meyer
Lynn Green
Mary Brown
Meg Hinkley
Melissa Evans
Meredith Adams
Michelle Lamb
Michelle Schultz
Michelle Voelker
Missy Pitman
Pam Michel
Patricia Villalobos
Ranjini A
Rauol De Rohan
Scott Gardner
Silo Nkiwane
Siphokazi Blose
Stan Guinn
Susan Gonzales
Susan Matulevicius
Susan Wilson
Tami Spears
Tanis Knelsen
Tara Sappington
Tarah Dickenson
Tracy Turango

Dec 16

Get You In Shape Coppell Cardio January Special

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Coppell Cardio Club

Coppell Cardio Club January Special –

How much ? $199 for 3 Months (January, February and March Sessions)
Who For ? Current GYIS Clients only
When? Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 5:30am or 6:30am

Pay as you go Punch Pass – 5 sessions for $75

There are many reasons why many people don’t do cardio. For the majority of people, it’s because they just don’t like doing it. They also don’t like doing in on their own.
Get You In Shape’s fitness boot camp program has been very successful mainly because we have built a program that has been proven to help motivate, encourage, and inspire people to reach for their goals. For the most part, we do this by creating a positive group environment and a great group camaraderie that people enjoy being a part of. Because of this, there is a need to start a new program called the Get You In Cardio (Club) Shape.

So here is what we know
1. Performing Cardio is good for us, we were born to run (or do cardio), at different speeds and distances, cardio will improve several General Physical Skills…Cardio-Respiratory Endurance, Muscular Stamina, Power and Speed.
2. If you don’t like to do cardio (or jog/run) you are in the same boat as many others.
3. It’s more fun to get in cardio with your friends and run in various places (we mix up the workouts so that we utilize hills in some of the street’s, go to the track, add in some fitness products to help change it up, and more..)
4. If you’re a Get You In Shape participant you should already be doing this on your own Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for your general health but also because it’s very hard to reach your goals if you are NOT doing your off-day cardio and incorporating Interval Training into your workouts.

So here is the SCOOP about Coppell’s Get You In Shape Cardio Club
1. 5:30am and 6:30am for 60 minutes every Tuesday and Thursday @Andy Brown East Park
2. It’s outside rain, sleet or snow (plan ahead – see questions below)
3. It is designed for all fitness levels
4. Sessions focus on Interval Training and will vary from session to session.
5. Sessions will have warm up and cool down working to improve mobility/flexibility to help with fitness and recovery.
6. Sessions start at park (we meet at the same area as we meet for boot camp) but use the park and streets of Coppell.
7. We will have another longer run on the last Saturday following the last day of each 4 week of the Coppell Get You In Shape Boot Camp. It will be at 8am.
8. The Cardio Club is a separate service from the Get You In Shape Fitness Program.

The Get You In Shape Coppell Cardio Club Common Questions

Who should participate in the Get You In Shape Cardio Club?
Know that the Get You In Shape Boot Camp will always be the first program we suggest because it covers 3-4 times a week both strength training (resistance training) and cardiovascular endurance.
In general, the Coppell Cardio Club will be for:
1. Get You In Shape participants that hit a weight loss plateau. Adding the Get You In Shape Cardio Club for one to two month will help take your cardio to the next level and help you burn more calories.
2. Get You In Shape participants who want a structured group environment lead by a personal trainer to get their off-day cardio in.
3. Get You In Shape participants falling into bad habits. Join Get You In Shape Cardio Club for three months and get back into good habits.
4. Get You In Shape participants that have a big event coming up like a vacation, wedding, or a reunion.
5. Get You In Shape participants that are looking to increase their speed or time in cardio exercises.
6. Get You In Shape participants that want to make sure they stay on track during the tough month (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Summer, etc)
We have added this program so that all the above reasons can help you. Some may only need a month or two and get back to their own off-day cardio. Some may just know they will need that structured environment that will help them stay on track each month (they simply will not do it by themselves

What is the 4 week Schedule for Coppell’s Get You In Shape Cardio Club? We are year round and go in conjunction to the Get You In Shape Calendar (see here)
Each 4 week session, there is a 5k
May 28th – June 22rd (5k on Feb 1st @8am)
July 2nd – July 25th (5k on mar 1st @8am)
July 30th – Aug. 22nd (5k on April 5th @8am)

Is this a part of the Get You In Shape Fitness program?
The short answer is no. The Get You In Shape fitness program is a total program that offers each client up to 14 sessions, off-day cardio programming, a nutrition plan, professional coaches to help, and many more great tools. This program is a separate service from the Get You In Shape boot camp. The Get You In Shape Cardio Club was started because participants expressed interest in starting a structured off-day cardio program that would help them in their weight loss and fitness goals. Therefore, the Get You In Shape Cardio Club is a separate service that people can take advantage of to help them reach their goals but mainly will focus on providing the support and off-day cardio accountability that many client need to reach their goals and continue to maintain where they are at.

What would a typical day be in at the Coppell Get You In Shape Cardio Club?
The main purpose of the Coppell Get You In Shape Cardio Club is to help provide professional help (in the form of a certified fitness trainer and accountability coach) for those needing help with their off-day Cardio program. We will put each and every client in a positive environment that will mainly focus on motivating, encouraging, and inspiring each person to push themselves. Just like the Get You In Shape Boot Camp, the group camaraderie is a key to helping each person get out and do what they don’t want or like to do. The workouts will be Interval (vary in terms of time, intensity, rest, and disctance) based and will vary most days with what we do so that your body is always having to adapt to the changes (burn more calories) being put on it. We incorporate old fashioned jogging/running (or walking), stationary cardio, drills, speed ladders, hills, and change up the location from time to time.
The majority of the programming, though, will be interval based walking/jogging/running and stationary cardio.
Each session will also have a warm up and cool down with an emphasis on improving mobility and flexibility over time. We will also throw in some core exercises in which is always a staple in a Get You In Shape program.

What about weather and rain?
Unlike the Get You In Shape Fitness program, we will be outside rain, sleet, snow or a heat wave. You may want to get a rain coat or something to wear in the rain. We will meet under the pavilion and most likely to some of the workout there but plan on also getting out also.

What do I need to bring or wear?
We will have a meeting point but we suggest you just bring a fitness mat (or towel if you don’t have one). We do not suggest you bring your cell phone, wallet, or anything that would be left by your mat as we hit the road for 30-40 minutes. We Suggest you get a stop CoppellCardioClubSpecialSignup250watch with a light so you can hit the bottom and see the time in the dark. We have found good ones at Academy for a great price but you can find one probably just about anywhere. You also may want to get a rain coat or something to wear as it is raining. As stated in the previous question, we will workout when it is raining and will meet under the pavilion. Depending on how hard it’s raining, we will either stay under the pavilion for the workout or head out and get in the rain. So plan on both which is why we suggest some sort of rain coat.

What type of fitness level do I need to be in to participate in the Coppell Get You In Shape Cardio Club?
As with our Get You In Shape Boot Camp, we pride ourselves in helping each and every fitness level. So no matter where you are at, we will program each workout so that you will get a great workout and be pushed to your own fitness level. This means if you are just starting out, this will be something you can do. If you are in great shape, you will be pushed to your own personal fitness level and get results. We do hit the road and do new things which is fun and different for most folks. We may pair you up or put you with folks that are at or around your fitness level to help keep you motivated but not to push you to do more than your body should be doing at your fitness level.

How much is it?

It will be the same 4 weeks as the Get You In Shape boot camp schedule

Can I participate if I am not a Get You In Shape Participant?
Yes. Although, we know that you would benefit more from the Get You In Shape Boot Camp, this is a service we are offering to folks that are not a part of Coppell’s Get You In Shape Boot Camp. The monthly fee is higher, though, for folks not a current Boot Camp participant.

I get a discount from the Get You In Shape Boot Camp because I have committed to 3, 6 or 12 months, will there be a discount for the Cardio Club?
We are just starting this service and our intention is keep it around. If we see a need to change the pricing up based on people wanting to commit to longer month’s we will most likely make a change in pricing structure. In the end, we want to make this service one of value to you and one that you see the benefits of.

Do I have to participate in the 5k’s, 10k’s, and 1/2 marathons?
No, you do not have to participate in anything but come to the Tuesday and Thursday sessions. We will meet once a month at 9am for a longer distance and measure time and distance progressions over time. The training that we will be doing will be good in preparing for shorter distances (5k or 10K) and if you are wanting to participate in the events that we are planning on attending as a group, we will encourage you to but will not expect you to.

Can I go to either of the times offered? Or can I come to the morning session on Tuesday and the evening session on Thursday?
We do need to have at least 8 people in each of the session in order to make it worth having. Meaning, if we only get 6 participants sign up for the morning time and 14 for the evening, we will only have an evening time.
If we do get both times to make, you are more than happy to come to which ever time you want.


Dec 09

Get You In Shape Client of the Year Winners

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Get You In Shae Client of the Year Winners

We had six amazing stories which all deserved to win. Thanks for everyone who shared their inspirational story and also those to voted.

Grand Prize – $500 CASH and SIX Free Months of the Get You In Shape Fitness program (up to a $1134 Value). As an additional incentive, we are throwing in SIX Free Months of our Get You In Shape program. Altogether, 1st place prize wins over $1,600 is prizes!

Runner Up $100 CASH + 3 Free Months of GYIS Fitness ($657 Value). 2nd Place wins more than $800 in Prizes!

3rd Place – $100 + Free Month of GYIS Fitness ($249 Value) 3rd Place wins more than $400 in Prizes!

Rookie of the Year – $100 + Free Month of GYIS Fitness ($249 Value) Rookie of the Year wins $400 in Prizes!

Client of the Year 3rd Place Darla Jo Manning

My name is Darla Jo Manning. I live in Coppell with my husband and teenage son, and I work full-time at a desk job in my home. My get-healthy journey started in November, 2006. I was in my mid-40’s and wanted to get fit before 50. I joined a women’s fitness class right before Thanksgiving. I lost a few pounds, started a diet and then in March, 2007, I had a devastating setback. My colon perforated, I had to have emergency surgery and two more surgeries over the next year or so. A couple of years later, I started getting serious about my health goals again. I bought a bicycle and started riding a little farther and a little farther each day. In June, I had an accident and broke my ankle very badly. I had surgery in June and another in August. In September, I started taking my first steps without crutches. I also started a very strict diet. If I could lose weight, it would be easier on my ankle. In October, the colon perforated again. I had three more abdominal surgeries over the next 15 months.

At various times through those years, I started counting calories or joined the Y or walked the dogs. I tried things on my own to lose weight and get healthy, but it was always one step forward and one step back. I had one month of Get You In Shape boot camp in 2008, but had to stop because of an injury.

In April, this year, I got an email from Brad. “Darla Jo, we miss you”… It mentioned a 28-day Kick Start Program and “personal training in a group environment”. “Personal” is exactly what I needed. After six abdominal surgeries, a broken ankle and two surgeries for that over a 5 year period, I felt like there were so many injuries, scars and weaknesses in my body that I did not know how to fix it on my own. I was overweight, tired and struggling to keep up. I truly needed advice, guidance and someone who would show me how to work with what I had. I wanted to be stronger and to feel better. At the client consultation meeting, I told the Get You In Shape trainers, “not only is my body broken, but my head is too. I feel like every time I start trying to get fit, something devastating happens to me.” I was afraid to start, but I was also excited.

At that meeting, Brad recommended MyFitness Pal for food and exercise tracking. I downloaded it immediately and have logged every meal every day since. I love it. It has truly changed the way my husband and I manage our nutrition. It is easy to find nutrition information for almost everything I’ve searched for. It keeps a running total all day long. It helps me make decisions about how much I want to use for a serving so I can plan as I go and I can see that bottom line number at a glance.

The first few weeks of the Get You In Shape boot camp were very difficult and a joy at the same time. I really enjoyed the encouragement from both the trainers and the other Get You In Shape boot camp participants. I had trouble with certain movements because my ankle doesn’t work right. The trainers would always offer advice on how to do the exercise with good form but slight modifications. I came home exhausted, but that exhausted feeling only lasted a couple of weeks. Soon, I noticed I would get home from boot camp and still feel great and ready to tackle something else. Seeing such a big improvement in such a short time really fueled my desire to keep working.

In June, I was offered the opportunity to visit Get You In Shape Cardio Club. Just try it out. “Run? Ha ha, I can’t run. The ankle doctor told me so.” But, I could walk.

After that first visit, I joined the next week. I was so proud the first time I jogged past the lake and then again when I ran a whole mile without stopping. I was ecstatic when I got my first three “mile bands” all at once. Now, I can run for three miles without stopping. Who knows how far I will be able to go next year.
Darla Jo Before After Picture 2 600

It is hard for me to choose a favorite tool or benefit of the program. There are several that all work together. The trainers are awesome in so many ways. Myfitnesspal helps me out with my nutrition. Boot camp and cardio club are making me stronger and more flexible and they burn calories so I can eat and lose weight. When I have to skip a boot camp for travel or illness, I really do miss it. There have been a variety of challenges offered and those always keep things interesting and provide an added motivation: 24-Day Challenge, Arm or Squats challenges, team and individual challenges.

The Get You In Shape program has changed my life in many ways. I have new confidence, new energy and new optimism. I feel like I’m part of a fitness community and I love that. I have new friends I enjoy and who I would not have met otherwise.

I’m very proud of the results I’ve achieved since starting in April.

I’ve committed to journaling my food as a way of staying on track with my nutrition and the calories in/out.

When I started, I was not able to run all the way around the block. Now, I can run three miles.

I’ve lost 34.5 pounds and over 24 inches.


For the First Time ever, Get You In Shape had 2 clients tie for Client of the Year.

The GYIS 2013 Clients’ of the Year goes to Leigh Walker and Lotta Meyer

Client of the Year, Leigh Walker

My name is Leigh Walker, I live in Coppell, and I have been in the GYIS program for 9 months.

Where you were at in your life before Get You In Shape? What did your life look like?
I was considered borderline obese, I was frustrated and sad and felt like I would never be able to lose weight. And if I did lose a few pounds, I was pretty sure I would just gain in back. I was randomly trying to work out at the gym and not really getting any results. I had gone from liking my body-during my pregnancies, I was just amazed at what my body was doing-that it could grow these babies! But before Get You In Shape, I was beginning to feel like my body was working against me-that it didn’t matter what I did, I was never going to lose weight.

Why you decided to join Get You In Shape?

I wanted to change my body, and I thought Get You In Shape was a good start. It was my 40th birthday, so it seemed like a good time to try and change my life.

What was your first experience or first impression with Get You In Shape?
I was a little shy, but never intimidated. The trainers were wonderful, and after the first week, I already felt better about myself.

What are some of the tools from the Get You In Shape program you have used that has helped you?

The 6 Week Challenge has absolutely been amazing. I was too shy to do the first Biggest Winner Challenge when I first joined-I thought I should just focus on going to class. And then the Biggest Winner Challenge looked really fun, and I regretted not doing it. So when they announced the 6 Week Challenge, I was really excited! Without a doubt, the camaraderie, accountability, and support I have gotten from my team and Get You In Shape community have helped me reach some of my hardest fitness goals.

I also really like the Perfect Attendance recognition and prizes. It motivates me to not miss!

I also did the 10 Day Cleanse, which was pretty much fabulous. I lost 6 pounds, and doing the cleanse bumped me off my plateau and made me refocus on my nutrition. I just can’t believe I am still losing weight!

The Get You In Shape facebook page and posts have inspired me-the recipes, tips, and pictures of other people’s healthy meals have helped me so much.

Get You In Shape Cardio Club! I was absolutely petrified of Cardio Club when I first tried it. I thought that it would be too hard and that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with everyone else. I shouldn’t have been scared-just like Boot Camp, everyone was so supportive, and the workouts are planned so that everyone can go at their own pace. I can’t believe I have come to enjoy running!

And of course, the Get You In Shape trainers. These wonderful, beautiful, fit people that have walked with me all the way on my weight-loss/fitness journey. They are so helpful, authentic, knowledgeable and amazing examples of healthy and fit people.

What do you like most about the Get You In Shape Program ?
Wow, there are so many things! First, I love working out outside. And that is saying something, since we worked out during the heat of the summer and now the wind of the fall. I feel so connected to nature and the seasons. Does that sound silly? Working out outside is just good for my soul. I just don’t think I could ever go back to an elliptical or treadmill inside of a gym.

I love the people. I knew everyone would be nice, but I didn’t realize how much working out in a community would help me. First of all, I enjoy seeing the people in my class-it is a community of friends. And then seeing other people transform their bodies! It has been just amazing to see the people around me lose weight and get fit. And everyone is so supportive and encouraging!

And I love the workouts. There is a little bit of everything. And I like how the workouts change every month-it keeps it interesting.
Leigh Before After  Picture 600

How has the Get You In Shape program helped change your life?
Well, I am at my lowest weight in a decade. In a decade! Since before I was pregnant with my 9 year old. I never thought when I started 9 months ago, that I would actually lose this much weight.

I am almost ready to call myself a runner. 🙂

Before GYIS, I thought it would be great if I could run a 5K: now, I just decided to run a half marathon in February.

I am not sad and frustrated with my body. I don’t grimace when I see pictures or catch a glimpse of myself in a window. I feel like myself again. Wow. My eyes just kind of teared up. I hadn’t really thought about it like that. I feel so grateful to Get You In Shape for making this happen. I don’t think I thought I would ever really like my body again. And now I feel like I can reach any fitness goal I set for myself.

What is your proudest moment or results from the Get You in Shape program?
I was having my blood pressure taken at that cardiologist fair/expo, and the person taking my blood pressure said, “Wow. Your blood pressure is very good.” And then she said, “Oh, it’s because you are an athlete.”
And I was shocked. I haven’t thought of myself as an athlete since high school, and I definitely don’t think I’ve looked athletic in quite a while. So that was just this amazing, unexpected moment where I realized I really have changed my body-on the inside and out.

How has the Get You In Shape Program impacted other areas of your life?
I’ve made new friends, which I love. I feel more connected to my Coppell community, which is wonderful. For example, just this weekend, I was running at the park with another friend and passed another Get You In Shape client, Paul and Stella dog, out walking. Just that little “Hey, great job, don’t stop!” from Paul was just this positive little interaction. I love that happening around town. I love being a part of this healthy, supportive fitness community.

What are the results that you have achieved from the Get You In Shape program and how has Get You In Shape played a role in your results?
First of all, my results are because of the Get You in Shape program.
I lost 10% of my body weight in the first 6 months of starting GYIS.

I am continuing to lose weight-25 pounds and counting.
I’ve lost over 12 inches so far.
I am at my lowest weight for 10 years. A decade!! Since before I got pregnant with my second child, who is now 9!
My blood pressure is good (95/75). This is saying something, since I was on bedrest for the last month of my pregnancy with my last baby with high blood pressure.
I have shaved almost 3 minutes off my mile time. When I started, I had to run/walk the mile. Now my 5K pace is faster than my beginning mile pace.
I can run 6 miles. I have never been able to do that in my life.
I am happier, healthier and more confident. That might sound like a cliche, but it is so true! Thank you Get You In Shape!!

Client of the Year Lotta Meyer

My name is Lise-Lott Meyer but most know me as Lotta. I’m a registered nurse specialized in electrophysiology and a figure skating coach. I’m married to Mark (also a fellow boot camper). In a few months we will have been together for 27 years and we have three kids 19, 17 and 12. We moved to Coppell 4 years ago from Sweden.

The last years in Sweden I had started gaining a lot of weight and I had several health issues. After moving to the U.S. and discovering the convenience of fast food and using the car to go everywhere it got even worse quickly. I don’t remember how we found out about the Get You In Shape boot camp but luckily we did! We first joined in the spring of 2010. The whole family was going to the Get You In Shape boot camp that summer. Even our kids who were used to very hard figure skating on and off ice training thought they got a seriously good workout. This is when I did my first 24 day Challenge. I saw really good results real fast and started losing weight and gaining strength. Unfortunately I got sick and I was told not to continue working out so I stopped going. Big mistake! I should have just modified everything and gone just to go and get out of the house. Instead I did no training and gained back all the weight and some more. I was in constant pain and on all kinds of medications. I did get a little bit better and started a new job in Dallas. The 8 hour work days turned into 16 hours every day and we never had lunch breaks but always catered unhealthy food to grab when you ran by. I knew I was in bad shape and constantly gaining but not until I happened to see a photo of myself that a family member had taken did I realize I needed to change.

I started working out on my own using what I had learned from Get You In Shape before and got out my 24 day challenge cookbook. I used Advocare shakes when I could not eat lunch at work and started cooking healthy meals when at home. First I saw fast results but then it slowed down. I knew I needed more accountability and the group feeling that I missed from the Get You In Shape community to keep me motivated. I decided to go back to the Get You In Shape boot camp even if my work made me miss many workouts. After just one workout I could tell how different it was to challenge your muscles in a new way instead of always doing the same routine at the gym. I love the Get You In Shape community, family feeling that I get when I’m at the Get You In Shape boot camp. The first day I returned to Get You In Shape boot camp I immediately felt welcomed back and the trainers remembered me and my family by names even. It made it feel very personal and welcoming. I also really like that the workouts are right for everyone no matter what fitness level you are at the moment, because if you keep going your fitness level will change. The trainers can help you modify your workout if you need to for any reason and they can help you make it harder to push yourself to your limits if that’s what you want.

After rejoining Get You In Shape I also got committed to the Advocare 24 Day Challenge program and had great results both in the numbers (weight and measurements) and how I felt. I have never felt better emotionally and physically at the same time. I’m now pretty much at my goal weight and I’m feeling confident that with the help of Get You In Shape and my new life style I will be able to maintain. I use every challenge and contest they do as a tool to continue to keep myself accountable and to not forget it’s not a temporary fix but a lifelong lifestyle choice. Everybody at the Get You In Shape boot camp is very encouraging and is quick to give compliments. There is no feeling of jealousy when someone is having good results instead everyone shares the joy of a fellow boot campers good results whether it is on the scale or a new mile time.
Lotta Before After  Picture 600

Being part of the Get You In Shape community have changed my life in so many ways that I almost feel silly to list them all. Basically I was feeling really bad about myself and had no confidence and now I’m feeling better than I ever have. I have met some really nice people at the Get You In Shape boot camp that I’m proud to call my friends. Recently when my son asked me if I wished I was younger I could honestly tell him “No, I feel great being closer to 50 than 40 and way better than I ever felt in my 20’s”.

My proudest “Get You In Shape moment” was when I completed my first swim lesson that Get You In Shape trainer Julie McCan arranged to get a group of us ready for a triathlon sprint race. The week before the first swim lesson she took time to meet me at the pool to help me get my face under water. Before then I had only swam breast stroke with my face over the water surface. I’m still far from a swimmer but I’m confident enough to take part in the triathlon Sprints, something I had always wanted to do but never done because I was such a bad swimmer. Now I know I can continue to learn and become a better swimmer and I can enjoy the tri races. Of course reaching my goal weight and getting comments and questions about how good I look now also feels pretty good, but nothing feels better than just not feeling bad anymore. I love sharing what has helped me reach my goals and hope I can help others reach their goals.

Other ways that it has affected my life is that I now feel more confident teaching on the ice again when I can move easier and I’m proud of what I have accomplished. I started coaching more and decided to take a break from my nursing job so I would have more time to concentrate on my health and fitness.

I feel that I owe a huge part of the success of me reaching my fitness goals to “Get you in Shape”. Without them I would never been sitting here confident enough to be writing about how good I feel after loosing 50 lbs and becoming fit and confident enough to do triathlons. Thank you, Brad, Cynthia and all the amazing trainers at “Get you in Shape”. And last but not least I want to say thank you to my husband Mark who always supports me along the way.


Here are the other Nominees for Client of the Year
Nominee #6 Hal Armstrong

I’m Hal Armstrong and I’m a small business loan underwriter for JP Morgan Chase Bank. I live in Coppell, TX and have been in the Get You In Shape program for 9 months since February 2013

Where you were at in your life before Get You In Shape? What did your life look like?
Health-wise, I knew it was time to take some action to at least begin to lose some weight and improve my health, fitness, and nutrition after years of doing little to no exercise and eating whatever and whenever I wanted. My doctor had been telling me for the last few years that I needed to lose weight and while my intentions to do so were good, I didn’t really seriously follow through with his admonitions. I was just more discouraged with myself at every annual physical.

Why you decided to join Get You In Shape?

I had seen Get You In Shape participants working out at Andy Brown Park in Coppell in the past as well as having seen their advertisements on cars around town, etc. I even remember getting their printed material at the Coppell 4th of July parade in 2012 and thinking that it would be a good program to join. So, of course, being a procrastinator, I didn’t start investigating the program until 6 months later in January 2013. I knew I had to do something if I wanted to lose weight since I lacked motivation to really do anything myself.

What was your first experience or first impression with Get You In Shape?
The first few sessions were a slap in the face to me and a wake up call. I could barely do any of the exercises at all, much less the number of repetition the others in the class were doing. Some exercises I couldn’t do at all because of lack of endurance, strength, and flexibility. I must say after the first week I was in some pretty significant pain (not just soreness) as my unused muscles, tendons and ligaments were screaming at me. I knew the only way it was going to stop hurting was to either quit then or keep going. I probably would have quit had not the trainers been so encouraging to do what I could. I also came to the conclusion that my doing something, regardless of the amount or intensity was better than doing nothing. I was also inspired by the other participants who were working really hard as well but were not at all judgmental. I saw them struggling and sweating as well and the fact that they kept showing up morning after morning gave me motivation. I knew they were hurting and sore too so there is some camaraderie in that shared feeling.
One of the most helpful things with Get You In Shape has been the way I have been treated by the trainers. It was surprising that the folks knew me by name and would greet me at every session. Their direction has always been encouraging and I have never felt embarrassed for what I couldn’t do. I feel that their personal touch probably has made a huge impact on my success and desire to keep coming back to see if I could do better.

Hal Before After  Picture 600What are some of the tools from the Get You In Shape program you have used that has helped you?
I think the ability to go at whatever pace I could do initially helped a lot. As I improved over time, I was able to do more and actually keep up with the class. The different exercises were confusing at first but the trainers took the time to patiently explain the exercise and correct my bad form. I also think I benefited from the number of different exercises from week to week as it kept the sessions interesting.

What do you like most about the Get You In Shape Program ?
I like the flexibility in the program knowing it is whatever you want it to be. By that I mean it is flexible to whatever goals you set for yourself and the trainers are always encouraging you to try to attain your goals. Within the program the trainers are the key as far as I’m concerned. Without their support I wouldn’t have been able to attain the results I have. Anyone can get a list of exercises to do and buy their own slam balls but it wouldn’t be as nearly as effective as having trainers to lead a group and keep things organized and moving while also motivating you. I also like that there are all levels of participants and I don’t feel like I’m a second class citizen when I’m around the more accomplished athletes. It truly is for everybody. Getting to see familiar faces and people who I’m lucky enough to call friends has really been a blessing to me.

How has the Get You In Shape program helped change your life?
I’ve been able to improve my fitness and am able to do a lot of things I didn’t think I was capable of doing. That has not only helped me physically but also mentally as my confidence is definitely higher. I’ve improved my lifestyle as far as eating and exercising. Due to my weight loss, my health has also improved.

What is your proudest moment or results from the Get You in Shape program?
A. The day I was able to run a mile the whole way was a giant accomplishment for me. I remember being so happy I was able to do that. The first week I started, as part of a warm up, we had to run to the bridge and back. No big deal, I thought until I started fading about halfway to the bridge. I had to walk coming back and felt really bad about myself. The first time we ran the mile for time, I walked more than half of it and was spent at the end. So running the whole mile was such a confidence builder for me.

B. One of the goals I set for myself at the beginning was being able to run a 5K in an event. Get You In Shape personal trainer, Kristi, was encouraging me when I set that goal and said “you can totally do that.” The initial confidence she expressed in me was great. I was finally able to do that which was extremely satisfying, especially knowing where I came from. My wife and son were there to support me and after I finished I saw Chaney and Kathy who were finishing up a Saturday session. I was so happy and giddy as a school girl.

C. At some point during the process of losing weight and showing some results, my children told me at separate times that they were proud of me. I will always remember them saying that. I really never would have imagined ever hearing that, it was truly touching. Those of you with teen age and college age children will understand.

How has the Get You In Shape Program impacted other areas of your life?
It may seem like a little thing to most people but I really like the feeling that my clothes aren’t incredibly tight. I also really like the ability to buy clothes without having to keep increasing sizes and feeling embarrassed when I realize that I’ve gone up in size.

What are the results that you have achieved from the Get You In Shape program and how has Get You In Shape played a role in your results?

I was tired of the way I looked, upset that my clothes fit so tight, and a little afraid and frustrated that my health was in a borderline diabetic situation. I thought I needed to try SOMETHING because what I was doing (or not doing) was making no difference. So I thought I’d at least give Get You In Shape a try for at least 90 days to see if there could be any changes.

As hard as I was working, I wasn’t seeing a lot of results initially but wasn’t sure what to exactly expect or how quickly. I kept telling myself that I’d made a commitment to do this at least 90 days and see how it worked out. In the first month I lost 6 pounds which was quite an achievement as far as I was concerned. It had been quite a while since I’d lost any weight at all so it gave me more motivation to stick with it. About this time I started the Advocare 24 day challenge to see how that would work, especially in conjunction with GYIS. Changing my nutrition was really a catalyst as I was able to see more results in my weight as well as how my clothes fit. After 2 months of Get You In Shape and a month of the Advocare and nutrition change, I had lost 18 pounds. The results were very uplifting for me mentally, since I had entered the program with a lot of misgivings and uneasiness. Also I was able to do more during the sessions, being able to do some of the exercises that I couldn’t do at all and do more repetitions than what I was able to do initially. In August I started going to Cardio Club to try to improve my stamina, get me over a fitness plateau and prepare me better for my goal of doing a 5K in October. Cardio Club has really upped my fitness and improved my running ability and stamina.
I’m now at the 9 month mark. I’ve lost over 50 pounds and over 24 inches. I went to my annual physical recently and my doctor was very pleased with what I’ve accomplished and has taken me off the cholesterol medicine I was on, decreased the blood pressure medicine to half of what was prescribed, and will probably be completely off all cholesterol and blood pressure medications in 3 more months. I was shocked when the doctor said this since I assumed I would be on these medications for the rest of my life. So I feel better, I look better, my body is healthier, and my mental health and confidence is high. I know none of that would have happened had I not joined Get You In Shape 9 months ago, pure and simple. On top of that, I’ve got to meet and know a lot of new people (trainers and campers) that I’m lucky enough to consider friends. I don’t know what more I or anyone else could ever ask for in a program.


Client of the Year Nominee #2 Stan Guinn

I’m Stan Guinn. I own a small technology consulting firm in Lewisville. We handle support, sales and maintenance on computers, servers, networks, and IP/SIP phone systems. I am happily married to Jan and between us we have three daughters and five grandkids. I’ve lived in Texas pretty much all my life. Currently live in Highland Village near Lewisville Lake. I started Get You In Shape in January of 2013 by cashing in a Groupon. I sat out February and realized I actually really missed coming to the Get You In Shape Boot Camp sessions. So I started back the first of March.

Where you were at in your life before Get You In Shape? What did your life look like?
Before Get You In Shape I was suffering from all the normal old age syndromes. I was overweight. My stamina was nominal, strength was minimal. Walking any distance was a challenge. Health check-ups at my doctor’s wasn’t going well. He was highly encouraging me to lose weight and get more exercise.

Why did you decide to join Get You In Shape?
I had been working with my doctor attempting several approaches to help me lose weight and get in better shape for health reasons. I saw a Groupon for a free month and thought it looked like a great opportunity to get in shape. He told me about how the Boot Camp worked. About the importance of accountability, having goals, and having support to accomplish those goals. I agreed with him, so I decided to sign up.

What was your first experience or first impression with Get You In Shape?
I was very excited from the very first session. I felt Get You In Shape was exactly what I needed to keep me focused and motivated to accomplish my goals. The trainers were all supportive and encouraging. Their positive, “Can Do” attitude was inspiring and motivating. The other Get You In Shape boot campers were all so friendly and helpful. I really wasn’t very good at many of the exercises at first and I can’t express enough how much I appreciated everyone’s patience and support.
Stan Before After  Picture 600
What are some of the tools from the Get You In Shape program you have used that has helped you?

The favorite tool both my wife and I started using at Brad’s recommendation was the web and mobile apps. Learning about the amount of calories in various foods and how to make decisions about the calories I want to consume for any particular day was an incredible eye opener. I feel more in control of my diet than ever before. I found the Get You In Shape blog to be a valuable source of health and nutrition information, as well as a great source of motivation from success stories. Seeing all the other campers working hard and enjoying boot camp on Facebook has been priceless. More than any of that, the support, caring and inspiration of everyone involved with the Get You In Shape boot camp, trainers, other boot campers, Brad and Cynthia, has been the most valuable part of the Get You In Shape boot camp experience.

What do you like most about the Get You In Shape Program?
I’ve tried several approaches to lose weight and get healthy. Health clubs I tended to lose interest in after a few months. Workout videos were fun. About half way through one I find myself sitting on the couch eating ice cream cheering the trainer on..”you go guy, I’ll catch up to you in a minute”. Walks around the neighborhood were good. Doing anything is better than doing nothing. But now, in retrospect, I can see how I am capable of so much more. And that’s what sets GYIS ahead and apart from other programs. The structure, support, and motivation to be accountable encouraged me to push myself to accomplish more.

How has the Get You In Shape program helped change your life? How has the Get You In Shape Program impacted other areas of your life?
The biggest change for me has been a change to more health choices. One major hurdle to overcome was changing ingrained habits. Out of habit at lunch time, I would go to Wendy’s and order a ½ pound double meat burger with cheese and a large fries. As I started to adjust my life style, I would still order all that, but only eat half of it. Then I realized I was only ordering it out of “habit”. So I changed the habit. First I stared ordering smaller portions. I started ordering fruit cups instead of fries. Then I realized I didn’t need to go to Wendy’s at all. I was going there out of habit. So I began looking around and that opened up a whole new world to me that I hadn’t seen because I was living so much of my life through habits. One day recently I said, “Look at those umbrellas in front of that restaurant”. My wife said, “They’ve always been there”. But I had never noticed. That restaurant wasn’t on my list on habits, so it didn’t get noticed. Now, I’m challenging habits. And I am waking up each day in a whole new world. In order to get healthy and stay healthy, we have to make changes. I’ve been amazed by how rewarding the “process” of change has been.

What is your proudest moment or results from the Get You in Shape program?
My proudest moment was in the middle of a mile run when I realized I could actually take control of my life. I can exercise and eat right. I can make the life style changes, get healthy and stay healthy.

What are the results that you have achieved from the Get You In Shape program and how has Get You In Shape played a role in your results?
I have achieved many positive results and health benefits from my experience at the Get You In Shape Boot Camp. Since I started full time in Feb., I’ve lost a total of 33lbs. and about 17inches. I’m the smallest I have been since I graduated high school.

The first time I ran a mile at Get You In Shape, it took me 18:59 to get through it. And I can’t express enough my appreciation to the trainers for waiting for me so I could actually have a time to record. My most recent mile was 10:44. At my age, 63, that’s pretty incredible that I can run a mile at all. Much less that I did it in sub 11 time. The first time I tried to run a 5k, I pulled something in my leg and could hardly walk for a month. Now I regularly run 3 miles in times as low as 35 mins.

Before boot camp, my fasting blood sugar in the morning was averaging 105-110, pre-diabetes range. Now it’s 82-85, normal.

My pants size has dropped from 40-42in waist down to a 34in waist. I can now shop at Target and walk around the store normal and upright without leaning on the cart like it was a walker. I have the strength and stamina to mow my lawn. And best of all, my wife thinks I’m hot.


Client of the Year Nominee #3 Karen Hunt

I am Karen Hunt and I am a wife, mom, the Market President at Frost Bank in Coppell, volunteer and Mayor of the fair City of Coppell. We have lived in Coppell for about 17 years. Originally from Fargo, North Dakota, I attended Southern Methodist University and never went back.

Where you were at in your life before Get You In Shape? What did your life look like?
I seemed to be gaining 10 pounds each decade and I had to stop the madness. For years, I was walking every day with our dog and thinking I was “active”. Realistically, it was not enough to make a dent. I tried a couple of fad diets – it did not stick. My clothes did not fit well – I was choosing baggy clothes (I called them “comfortable”). I had little core or upper body strength. I did not sleep well. Letting others dictate my menus – My eating habits were poor nearly every day.

Why you decided to join Get You In Shape?
Ultimately, my friend and neighbor, Julie McCan, was a strong influence. Watching her growing passion for the program and her success made me want to try it….but there was always something that was my excuse. I broke my wrist. I twisted my ankle. My schedule was too hectic to commit…. I was still using excuses.

Becoming a “public figure”, my picture was everywhere. I did not like what I saw. This realization, along with the fact I saw my mother at her grandchild’s wedding, made me think…… Am I going to see my potential grandchildren get married? What do I need to change in my life? The time for change was now.

What was your first experience or first impression with Get You In Shape?
The first day – I felt very welcomed. Trainers and participants were helpful and encouraging. During the first couple of weeks, just getting through a workout was tough. BUT being a bit competitive, I wanted to keep up with those around me. My muscles were sore and generally kinda miserable after. When I had the excuse of missing a workout due to an early morning meeting, I took it. After about two months though, I found myself moving the meetings to a different day or a bit later so I could do both. I was hooked – my day seems incomplete when I have to miss.

What are some of the tools from the Get You In Shape program you have used that has helped you?
For me the best tools are the trainers. They are each knowledgeable, caring and helpful. Have a question – Ask it!! Whether it is “which muscle is suppose to feel this exercise” or “can you help me with an overall routine”, they are ready, willing and able to assist. Julie McCan has been a great help to me to work on additional flexibility, giving me options for nutrition tracking and more than encouragement in the area of “learning how to run”.

What do you like most about the Get You In Shape Program?
The support from your fellow participants, the subtle challenges to push yourself to the next level and the celebration of success – the relationships that you form makes Get You In Shape unique and addicting.
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How has the Get You In Shape program helped change your life?
I react well to consistency, accountability and being challenged. Starting my day with the workout gets me focused and places me on tract. Being able to increase the intensity as I am comfortable gives me a sense of accomplishment. I have become more curious as to the “why” of how I feel. I pay attention and have sought additional nutrition information about what my body may need. The knowledge allow the changes in physical routine and dietary supplements easier.

What is your proudest moment or results from the Get You in Shape program?
Surprisingly for me, my proudest moment was when I re-upped for another year. I made it a full year and I wanted to continue for another to see my progress this time next year. After the fact, I was very proud that I recognized these activities as a foundation for my journey to a healthier me.

How has the Get You In Shape Program impacted other areas of your life?
Because I have this 5:30-6:30 routine, I am paying attention to all areas of my life. Balance is important to me.

What are the results that you have achieved from the Get You In Shape program and how has Get You In Shape played a role in your results?
Uncertain of how to develop a concrete goal, my original and overriding goal was to be healthier at the end of the year that I was at the beginning of the year. This overriding goal is most important to me because it is an on-going goal. There will always be something I can do better.

For this year – Yes, I lost pounds in the first several months but the real success is that I FEEL better. My clothes fit better – I am actually pinning up about an inch in my work slacks until I can get them altered. I now sleep better and my energy levels are pretty constant throughout the day. I feel stronger – I see come muscle definition in arms and legs. Just a few measured specifics:

Pounds lost: 12
Inches lost: 13.25
First Attempt Best
the mile 13:28 10:14
Hurdles 35 48
Pull Ups 20 knees bent 31 straight legs
Air Squats 30 35 deeper
I can actually DO a sumo squat now
Push Ups 18 knees 25 toes

Another HUGE for me is “learning how to run”. I reluctantly took the challenge of Cardio Club for the three month trial. I was nervous and uneasy about it. Running does not intimidate me anymore – There is not a person on this earth that would describe me as a speed demon but my endurance is increasing and my recovery time is much shorter. Let’s see if I can break 10 minutes by year end……..always another milestone to reach.



Who Are We, Why You Should Listen To US, And How Can We Help YOU??

Get You In Shape was started in 2006 by Brad Linder. Fast forward to today, Get You In Shape is the most popular, most talked about, and most results-driven fitness program in the Dallas, TX area and in Coppell, TX. Since 2007, Get You In Shape has helped over 5000 participants in our nutrition services and fitness programs. Group Fitness Boot Camps and the Advocare 24 Day Challenge are the two most popular programs that Get You in Shape offers. Get You In Shape also offers Corporate Wellness and Fitness Programs and also private personal training.

To date, the Get You In Shape program has produced amazing results. Over 6,800 inches and over 2,800 pounds lost! As leaders in the fitness and nutrition arena, Get You In Shape helps each client reach their health and fitness goals through different means to help encourage and motivate each client to reach their goals.

Get You In Shape has been featured on ABC, CBS, the national TV show The Doctor’s TV, Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Star Telegram, and many other media outlet for being gurus when it comes to getting in and health and fitness.

Brad and Cynthia Linder, owners of Get You In Shape, recently joined a select group of the world’s leading health and fitness entrepreneurs becoming Best Selling Authors of 3 Steps To YOUR BEST BODY In Record Time:

Get You In Shape knows how getting in shape and living a healthy lifestyle can be a trying process. We design nutrition and fitness programs for individuals and groups to help make that process easier. Our approach is to educate, encourage, and motivate the client to empower themselves, gain confidence, and change their lifestyle. Those, along with our comprehensive approach to wellness, distinguish Get You In Shape at the top tier of certified personal trainers and nutrition consultants in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX. With a focus on a comprehensive approach, supportive encouragement, and being available to all of our clients, we assist and direct each of his clients to get in shape and stay healthy.

Founder of Get You In Shape, Brad Linder, has built an awesome team of dedicated personal trainers and fitness professionals to help carry out the values and mission of Get You In Shape. As a former professional basketball player, Brad utilized the knowledge attained from a Master’s degree in Health, Kinesiology, and Sport Studies, to optimize my performance on the court. With an extensive background in fitness and nutrition, I naturally wanted to share this knowledge with others as I entered into the health and fitness field. I believe that each of us are given gifts to use and my gifts are in supporting clients to attain health and fitness goals. I hundreds of clients who would testify to the great results they’ve experienced.

We have found our fitness boot camp and the 24 Day Challenge are our two main programs that help people get results. We have pioneered a high intensity fitness boot camp in Dallas, TX and Coppell, TX, called the Get You in Shape Boot Camp, which has received rave reviews. The boot camp is very different from all the other boot camps out on the market. Our approach is helping make the process fun without yelling, making clients do what they can’t do, and bring customer service to fitness and nutrition that clients have not gotten before. Each month, we analyze weight loss from the group, and create a forum for healthy support and camaraderie among the participants. Get You In Shape is located in Coppell where the boot camps are primarily held. Get You In Shape has had boot camp locations in Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Irving, and other Dallas Area locations . We also conducts corporate fitness and wellness along with health and wellness seminars for businesses, churches and other organizations throughout the Dallas area.

The second most popular service that Get You In Shape offers is the 24 Day Challenge. Get You In Shape is not all about selling fads and programs. We have found really two programs that have been proven to be effective and work. The Get You In Shape fitness program (our group fitness program or boot camp) and the 24 Day Challenge. The 24 Day Challenge program incorporates exercise, a well-balanced diet, and nutritional products into an easy to follow program. There is NO cost for the professional consulting you will get. The ONLY cost is for the Advocare nutritional supplements that are a part of the 24 Day Challenge. Their are group 24 Day Challenges and Get You In Shape can also get individuals started. We encourage most folks get some of your friends involved with you and make it a real Challenge as many people are motivated and encourage knowing other people are doing it with them. Get You In Shape has lead group 24 Day Challenge for Dallas corporations looking for a wellness contest.

Get You In Shape has a strong track record of helping clients, just like you, get incredible health and fitness results:

  • Overweight clients of all ages have lost weight….and gained a tremendous amount of self-esteem and self-confidence through the power of exercise and self-discipline.

  • Beginner exercisers of all ages who are looking for a plan, a program, and a professional trainer that will help them reach their goals..

  • Intermediate and Advanced exercisers that are already in shape have come to us needing a new, dynamic, fun, and exciting program that jump-starts their new fitness goals…

  • Athletes who need to strengthen their core, need cardiovascular endurance, and need resistance training to help with their particular sport…

  • Shy clients, previously a little shy and timid, have learned to come out of their “shell” , have fun and enjoy life…

  • Men and Women of all ages, shapes, backgrounds, and histories, come to us to get her body-transforming, supportive, fun, and motivating help they need..

Please feel free to look around the website and sign up for our free reports. If you are in the Dallas and Coppell area, let us know how we can help you. We have free trial weeks of our fitness boot camp and free informational meeting about our 24 Day Challenge.

If you live close to or work close to Coppell, Irving, Valley Ranch, Las Colinas, Grapevine, Carrollton, Plano, Flower Mound, Dallas, Southlake, Lewisville and other Dallas area cities, Get You In Shape has both fitness program and nutrition programs for you.

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