Boot Camp Workouts for Dec Week #3 -

Boot Camp Workouts for Dec Week #3


Dec 12

Remember to always warm up and cool down. You can also add some core work in the off-day cardio to get more time in. We also suggest you try getting in some extra core exercises in with your off-day cardio. You will benefit just by doing the 5 exercises we have put on the ab page of the Get You In Shape Program.

No one responded to one of the workouts last week where the outside cardio was just 1 min slow. I am assuming no one did that off-day cardio.

Since the Boot Camp is W-W-F-S this week the off-days should be focused on recovery, light cardio, core, and flexibily/mobility.

Monday – Boot Camp #9
Tuesday – 90 Secounds Slow 90 seconds medium pace for 3 minute rounds. Complete 10-15 rounds which would be 30-45 minutes
Wendesday Boot Camp #10
Thursday – Try and complete 3.1 miles or a 5k. Does not matter how fast or slow you go. It would be helpful to time it and record your time so you can track it over time.
Friday  – Boot Camp #11
Saturday 7am or 8am Boot Camp #12