Boot Camp Workout of the Days - Week #3 -

Boot Camp Workout of the Days – Week #3

Workout Of The Day

Feb 14
Comment Below what you did. If it was for time, put the time. For rounds, put rounds.


Monday – Buddy Systems

Rows: 30 sec
Touch the Sky: 30 sec
Squat Thrusters: 30 sec
Boxer: 30 sec
Base side to side: 30 sec
Push ups: 30 sec
Swim Gorilla: 30 sec
Knee Pumps: 15/15
Triceps Extensions: 30 sec
Bicep curls: 30 sec
Cliff climbers: 30 sec
Arm Row: 30 sec
Mountain Climbers: 1 minutes
Jumping Jacks: 30 sec
Shoulder Press: 30 sec


6 rounds at 15/20/25 reps  for time. Comment your time below
AbMat Situps
Wall Ball
Step ups (2 steps = one rep)


Tabata’s count total number of reps
Dead Bug
Push ups
Toe Touches


4 May Relay teams
13 minutes
1. Run to point A and back
2. KB Swings
3. Deadlifts
4. Airsquats


AbMat Sit ups
Run somewhere and back
Pull Ups
High Pull

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