Boot Camp Week #1 Tips and Information -

Boot Camp Week #1 Tips and Information


Jan 02

1. Monday Motivation – Great clip from a great movie that will sure to pump you up to start your January off to a great start. Click Here to see the Monday Motivation.

2. Tuesday 24 Day Challenge – If you did not make the meeting on Tuesday night, Advocare is having a sale during the month of Feb. on the 24 Day Challenge Products.
Click Here for more information.

3. Off-Day Cardio this Week –
– 1 minute of Jumping Jacks Rest 1 minute – Repeat 15-20 times (30-40 min)
Thursday – 1 min Slow, 1 min Medium, 1 min Fast – Repeat 10-15 times for 30-45 min)
Saturday – Get 2 or 3 miles on your own for as long as it takes you.

4. January Boot Camp CalendarClick Here

More to come on Tuesday – Check back