Boot Camp Tip - Be healthier today! -

Boot Camp Tip – Be healthier today!


Oct 30

Boot Camp Tip – Be Healthier Today

Coppell, TX – Fitness and Health Tip of the WEEK – Make today HEALTHIER than YESTERDAY!

Have  any of you gotten into watching The Biggest Loser this season on NBC?? I have talked to a few people in our boot camps about it but Cynthia and I always get into each season of it.  For ANYONE looking for motivation, The Biggest Loser will definitely get you off the couch and get moving. I always am amazed at the amount of work the contestants do in the few short months they are on the show. The Biggest Loser contestant’s main focus is to lose weight and lose the biggest percentage of weight loss. If you have not watched it, all of them come in with terrible habits and are VERY UNHEALTHY. They eat junk, are lazy, and most of them have NO confidence because of their situation.  It is so inspiring to  watch people both young and old change their WHOLE LIVES being on the show. You can see their personality change as their bodies change. As you are watching the show, you seem to hear yourself say Amazing, Unbelievable, No Way, and other words to describe the transformation that occurs for them. They truly are life changing.

The show gives the contestants an opportunity to change their health and fitness the old fashioned way…HARD WORK (with exercise and diet) and EDUCATION. Professional fitness trainers  help teach them the science of fitness and how important resistance training is to short and long term results. They also get the most advanced team of doctor’s and nutritionists to help them reach their goals. They are given all the tools to help motivate them to achieve their own goals. Tools like nutritional journals, frequent weigh-ins, professional help, and a group support group.

Does this sound like something you have heard before? This sounds a lot like the Get You In Shape Boot Camp Program. We have done the work for you and provided each of you with all the tools you need to achieve the results you are looking for. We help you with accountability. We make ourselves available to you for any help you need to achieve your goals.  Our Boot Camp program allows you to come 14 days in 26 days and encourages each of you to do off-day cardio. The group support is also there. We also help each of you with a nutrition plan and help you learn about the foods you are putting in your mouth and educate you on what, when and how to eat. What more do you need?

MY POINT IS THIS>>>>You have all taken a huge step in signing up for our program. Some of you it was the first in years. Some of you just needed more accountability and motivation from what you were doing.  Some of you just need the professional programming I do to always make the workout different and tough.

WHAT TO DO THIS WEEK- TIP OF THE WEEK – Be healthier today than yesterday????
The first step you each of you should shoot for is to be healthier today than you were yesterday. Being healthier will help EVERY area in your life. Yes, it is good that you FEEL better about yourself, but YOU being healthy will help your family, friends, co-workers, and everyone around you.

. Being healthier than yesterday just means making more healthier choices.

Let’s say you did NOT do a good job yesterday on the Get You In Shape program. Being healthier TODAY will be your first step. Then tomorrow, when you wake up, you try to be healthier than you were today.

Each day is a new day! A new step! A new chance to change!If you can focus on JUST that, then your choices will slowly begin to change for the better. Not only will you begin to feel better (mentally and physically) but your body will also naturally begin to LOOK better.

The key is to just try to be healthier today then you were yesterday. For each of you, this will mean something different. Some of you have the exercise part down but struggle to eat healthy. Some of you just cannot seem to drink enough water. Whatever it is, try to do better today than you did yesterday. I promise you will look up in a few months and be proud of the changes. You will feel better (about yourself also) and the results will come.

So this week, your focus should be being healthier today than yesterday. In 5 days you will have worked on many of your habits just from this ONE FOCUS.

It may be helpful for you to go back to last week’s tip of the week and pick one or two tips to start focusing on. Some people respond differently than others. You know if you are a person that can just do a 180 change and be done or if you are someone that needs small baby steps in order to have lasting changes. Either way, the focus should to BE HEALTHIER TODAY THAN YOU WERE YESTERDAY!

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