Boot Camp Thursday Off-day Cardio Day -

Boot Camp Thursday Off-day Cardio Day

Workout Of The Day

Nov 17

Workout of the Day is below
1. Client of the Year ContestClick Here  Don’t miss a chance to win. Don;’t count yourself out.
2. Women of Strength is tonight- Hear from a fellow boot camper who has melted over the past 6 months with one tool.Click Here to sign up
3. If you have questions about the commitment forms that are due December 17th, please call or email us. We can help explain or answer any questions you may have.
4. Testimonial of the week – Great Success by follow the program – Click Here  
5. Hoodies are in – We have them and will be brining them on Friday

6. Boot Camp Schedule for the holidays – We will have Thanksgiving week off and the week after Christmas off. Those of you who want to workout Monday November 22nd will have an opportunity to workout (we will see how wants to have it and it will just be a $15 session fee). You also have the chance to get 3 free session in with our Turkey Busting Workouts to help benefit locl charity CCA (you should have recieved an email about it today about it). Sign up at

The December boot camp will have a finish of December 20, 21, and 22 instead of M-W-F of that final week. We will then take the next week off.

Off – Day Cardio Workout of the Day – Comment below what you did!
Thursday – 3 mile run – Go at your pace for a 3 mile run. If you can do more, do more.
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Charles November 18, 2010

Was not going to work out today but when I saw the WoD had been posted I just got up and did it. Between 3.5-4 miles in 40 minutes

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