Boot Camp - Spring Break Week Workouts -

Boot Camp – Spring Break Week Workouts


Mar 11

Spring Break Week
Next week – For those of you out of town or have decided not to join us for the Spring break Boot Camp week, Click Here for the workouts that we have designed for you. It is all 5 days with Workout of the Day’s already on it with minimal equipment so that there are no excuses.
SO that we can keep you accountable to working out, we are asking that you post what you did each workout on this blog. Just lick on the title and scroll down until you can comment. It will hopefully help keep you accountable to doing SOMETHING while we are off.

For those of you that have decided or still want to come – Here are the details
We will have the 5:30am, 6:30am, 8am, and 5pm sessions next week. You can also come at anytime since we did get enough folks interested.
You should have received an email today about payment but the options are $45 for the week or $15/session.
Payment options –
1. Check or Cash – If you are paying with cash, please put it in an envelope or wrap a piece of paper around it with your name so we can make sure you are accounted for.
2. Pay with your check card or credit card on our Merchant site – Click Here To Pay with your Card
Just put the amount you are paying at the top to take care of it.

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Cyndi March 19, 2011

Skied, Mon.,Tues. Wed. And part of Thur. ’til I hurt my leg. So took Fri. Off but did walk around town a lot a
and exercised my wallet?

Julie Smith March 17, 2011

Logging miles in preparation for Capitol 10k. Did 6 miles yesterday. Also doing my push up work outs to get ready for Push Ups for Charity.

Hope Brad and Cynthia are enjoying AZ!

Julie M March 16, 2011

OK, I am back! Drove back from Birmingham, AL with me and my dog today! I had a great time and actually took the time off from working out — some time you need to do that for yourself and your body. BUT! Chuck and I still did our 90 second push up work out! Need to stay in good push up shape… that said, I will be back Friday for classes and looking forward to seeing those who are coming to workout this week.

Polly C March 16, 2011

I did my WOD yesterday instead of cardio b/c I knew today I would be at work long crazy hours, and I was but atleast I burned some calories cookin and running around my restaurant 🙂
My time for the WOD was 12:10 for all 5 sets.
Tomorrow I’m going to spin class for cardio. See ya’ll friday morning at Boot Camp!

Lorna March 16, 2011

For Tuesday off day cardio, we went to one of the soccer fields to run. I opted for 30 second intervals of slow, and fast for 23 minutes.

Nicole Watkins March 16, 2011


Jogged 2 miles (20 minutes)

Bicep curl-60 sec.
Rest-60 sec.
Tricep extensions-60 sec.
Rest-60 sec.
Shoulder press-60 sec.
Rest-60 sec.
Push Ups-60 sec.

-Repeat arm exercises (2 rounds total)

Chaney March 16, 2011

Excellent news Taylor. I thought you looked smaller.

Great Boot Camps on Monday for all those who braved the cold and wind!!!!

Today’s boot camp has just been awesome. Beautiful weather and a great workout. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Taylor March 16, 2011

I went to boot camp on Monday and Wednesday. I also do a cardio mix class on Monday and Zumba on Tuesday at the gym. Started running a little here and there. Tried on the wedding dress yesterday and it was too big! WAHOO!

billie March 16, 2011

Boot Camp on Mon & Wed . . . worked out on Tuesday as well. Still following 24 Day Challenge nutrition plan!

Pat Mc March 16, 2011

Boot Camp with Chaney on Monday. Attending today and Friday. Walked around the lake at Andy Brown with Ms.Emma (dog) Tuesday.

Jackie March 16, 2011

Careful with calories (even with cupcakes & cookies for my daughter’s 5th birthday). I’m still sore from Monday’s BC. I planted a garden yesterday for my daughter, which isn’t exactly cardio, LOL, but it was an hour and a half of digging on my knees. 😀 Excited about 5:00 tonight, though not as much since Charles said there were burpees involved. 😉

Charles March 16, 2011

Lorna and I attended Monday and Wednesday 5:30AM class and plan to be there for Friday class as well.

For Tuesday off day cardio, we went to one of the soccer fields to run. I opted for 45 second intervals of slow, medium, and hard for 30 minutes.

Since today was only burpees and not full blown push-ups to fatigue, I may work in some overload sets of pushups with a 1 inch superband tonight or tomorrow morning.

Megan March 16, 2011

Walking on the beach for me Tues and Wed. — love the ocean!

Nicole Watkins March 16, 2011

Monday-didn’t work out

Tuesday-ran/jogged 10 min., walked 1 min., ran/jogged 10 min., walked 2 min., ran/jogged 10 min., walked 2 min., ran/jogged 5 min.=40 min. of cardio! Felt GREAT afterwards!!!


Gary Green March 16, 2011

Lynn and I have done the assigned workouts for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We will be hiking parts of the Quachita Trail Thursday and Friday.

Jamie Levine March 16, 2011

We have not been sitting on the couch eating bon bons! Mondays workout of the day left me feeling like limp spagetti and it is still lingering in my muscles. Did my cardio yesterday with some pushups as recommended in the video on proper form and will be at work out today! Hope everyone is enjoying Spring Break in Coppell!

Administrator March 16, 2011

Go JIM! Glad you did not think about GYIS. Monday, though, you will need to.

Jim Morris March 16, 2011

I went Scuba diving in Cozumel for a few days. I dove hard in the morning and laid in a hammock all afternoon alternating between sleeping and reading. I tried to eat in a reasonable manner but otherwise gave no thought to the pain associated with GYIS :). Now that I’m back I will get in some cardio every couple of days. See you next Monday and we will start again. Even though its painful, I know that GYIS is what I need to do.

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