Boot Camp & Personal Trainer Tip - Weird Tip for Eating Less -

Boot Camp & Personal Trainer Tip – Weird Tip for Eating Less


Feb 24

“Weird Tip To Eating Less At Every Meal

You’ve heard it time and time again…

To lose weight you have to eat less and move more.

Exercising more is easy. You just get off your butt and workout.

Where most people have a problem is saying “no” to delicious food that’s bad for your waistline.

Well, I just came across a fascinating study that reveals a simple technique that could have you eating less at every meal (even if you’re about to eat your favorite food, like chocolate, for example).

I like to call it the imagination diet. 

Here’s the scoop…

A study at Carnegie Mellon University took two groups of people.

One group was told to visualize eating 30 M&Ms and putting 3 quarters into a washing machine. The other group was told to visualize putting 30 quarters into the washing machine and then eating 3 M&Ms.

Then, the researchers told the volunteers to eat some M&Ms out of a bowl that was placed in front of them, in preparation for a “taste test.”

After each volunteer, they weighed the bowl to see how much the volunteer had eaten.

Here’s where it gets fascinating…

The group that visualized eating 30 M&Ms ate HALF as many than the group that visualized eating 3.

To make sure this wasn’t coincidence, the researchers performed the experiment four more times with other people. 

And in every single trial, the volunteers that visualized eating 30 M&Ms ate HALF as much.

According to the lead researcher, “Merely thinking of a food does increase our appetite for the food, but if we perform the mental imagery that would accompany its actual consumption, this kind of thought actually decreases our desire for the food.”

So how can you use this to reach your fitness goals?

Anytime you feel like cheating or having a kind of food you know you shouldn’t… try visualizing eating  it 30 times first. Make the experience as real as you can.

Chances are, you’ll find yourself eating a LOT LESS! (while still enjoying it just as much)

Or better yet, you’ll find that they craving for it went away completely. 

As you know, nutrition accounts for about 80%-90% of your success. So go ahead and use this tip as often as is necessary!

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