Boot Camp Information -

Boot Camp Information


Nov 01

Hoodies – CLICK HERE to make sure yours is right.
– This has your game plan, your blue print, your tips, your tools to follow throughout the Boot Camp.

Make sure you download the documents below as we will be taking it off the blog soon.

CLICK HERE for Get You In Shape Program


CLICK HERE for General November Boot Camp Information – This has general information that you need to know in regards to the program

Click HERE for November Boot Camp Accountability Calendar This is what you will need to have around to help keep you accountable plus help with times and days of the sessions.

CLICK HERE for Get You In Shape Recipe Book This is a great tool to cooking healthy meals that taste great!

CLICK HERE for Get You In Shape Exercise Workbook Use this if you can not come to workout with us or you can not use the Get You in Shape Fitness DVD