Boot Camp Information for the week -

Boot Camp Information for the week


Nov 29

1. Client of the Year Contest – Don’t forget to start brainstorming on how to win this contest. Don’t sell yourself short on this. We are doing this to help motivate, inspire, and encourage you. So we expect most of our participants to go for the prizes. Click Here for more info.

2. 24 Day Challenge – WHy wait until January. This month’s 24 Day Challenge will end just before Christmas. Tuesday night from 7:30-8:30pm at our house. Email us if you plan on coming so we can be prepared.

3. Tip of the week – Running Basics #2 – Click Here  to see the next great tip from our very own Julie McCan. All of the trainers are attempting to complete the White Rock Half Marathon this Sunday. So these tips have been both educational and helpful.

4. Off-Day Cardio Workouts this week –
– 1 minute of jump rope/ 1 minute rest for 15 -20 reps.
Thursday – 1 min slow pace, 1 min medium pace, 1 min hard 30-45 min.