Boot Camp Fun Friday - Tennis Ball Fun -

Boot Camp Fun Friday – Tennis Ball Fun

Workout Of The Day

Nov 19

First off.  On behalf of the whole Get You In Shape Family, we want to thank you all for your participation in this month’s program. We are excited to see all the awesome results which will allow us to continue to want to work harder to help your guys reach new goals and set new achievements.
Monday’s Workout. We will have a 5:30am, 8am, and 5pm (no 6pm session). We have 35 signed up and 7 maybe’s.  IF you want us to put the $15 on your card we have on file, just email and mention that. If you are planning on coming and your name is not on the list (  Click Here for Monday’s List ) , please email me and let me know what time you plan on coming so we can be prepared. 

Other Information-
1. Client of the Year ContestClick Here  Don’t miss a chance to win. Don’’t
count yourself out.
2. If you have questions about the commitment forms that are due
December 17th, please call or email us. We can help explain or
answer any questions you may have.
3. Testimonial of the week – Great Success by follow the program – Click Here 

4. Boot Camp Schedule for the holidays – We will have Thanksgiving
week off and the week after Christmas off. Those of you who want to workout
Monday November 22nd will have an opportunity to workout (we will see how
wants to have it and it will just be a $15 session fee). You also have the
chance to get 3 free session in with our Turkey Busting Workouts to help
benefit local charity CCA (you should have received an email about it today
about it). Sign up at

The December boot camp will have a finish of December 20, 21, and
22 instead of M-W-F of that final week. We will then take the next week off.

below what you thought about the workout.
Tennis Ball Fun

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