Boot Camp Client of the Year! -

Boot Camp Client of the Year!


Nov 15


Get You In Shape
2010 Client of the Year

That’s right! We are going to have a contest to see who deserves to be the Get You In Shape Client of the Year.
1st Place – 2 Night Get Away
2nd Place – Free Month of Boot Camp
3rd Place – 50% off B.C. & $25 gift card

We love seeing how lives have been changed through the Get You In Shape program. We want to continue to strive to push each and every client of ours to reach to new levels. We want to continue to help give you motivation and inspiration. What better way than to help you see just how much your life has changed since deciding to join the Get You In Shape program. What better way to allow you to look over the past few months or the past year and see what results you have achieved because of the steps you have taken to help change your health and fitness. Because of this, we are having our 1st Annual “Client of the Year Contest.” This is not only an opportunity to win great prizes and be recognized for all your hard work, but it also is a great opportunity to share your story and inspire someone else. Don’t count yourself out!!

We believe in you. The only question is…do you believe? This contest is about more than just who had the biggest weight loss or more inches lost over the past 12 months. In fact, having the biggest number doesn’t guarantee you will be selected as one of the finalist for the Get You In Shape Client of the Year.
This contest is about you and your personal story…it’s about the changes that you have made and the life you are creating!

And we are pretty darn certain there is some element of your story – your personal and professional victory – that warrants your participation in the Get You In Shape Client of the Year Contest. Honestly, we expect you to participate – to compete for these prizes because you are good enough to win. Again, do not count yourself out. Just because you may not have perfect attendance,  you don’t do your of-day cardio, may not have the most weight loss success (or any weight loss for that matter), this is not going to be the difference between the winner of this contest. We are looking for people who have made big changes in their life and Get You In Shape has helped you do that.

We want EVERYONE to enter to win
What do you need to Enter ???

1. Use your imagination and make this a fun experience in submitting your story.

2. Submit a write-up briefly answering each of the questions listed below. 

3. Include “before” and “after” photos. We may have a before picture of you to use and we can also take an after picture. You can also find a before one (I am sure you have some great before pictures) and you can also have some take an after picture. If your change is not about weight loss, just a recent picture of you. Again, we are not looking for weight loss or inches lost but how the Get You In Shape program has helped you change you.

4. Create a 2-3 minute video of your application and why you think you deserve to be client of the year – answering the same questions below.  You can shoot the video, or we can do it for you – just contact Cynthia at or 214-603-8287. We will edit the video so you just give us the file (on a flash drive or email it to us). Again, you can be creative on this one but we do want you to also answer the questions below. Remember to be excited about what you are doing. We know some of you may not like videos but we also encourage you to get out of your confort level or zone. Step out of your box and do it!

5. Email all your application materials to: before the deadline:  Wednesday, December 15th, 7:00 pm.

We are giving you close to a month to finish this so that we can give everyone an opportunity to WIN!

Questions to answer on both the written document and video

1. Basic Information
     Name, occupation, where you live, and how long you have been in the Get You In Shape program.

2. Where you were at in your life before Get You In Shape?

3. Why you decided to join Get You In Shape?

4. What was your first experience or first imporession with Get You In Shape? (This can be your first session or first week. What you thought about it, how the trainer were, etc)

5. What are some of the tools from the Get You In Shape program you have used that has helped you?

6. How has the Get You In Shape program helped change your life. What are the results that you have acheived from the Get You In Shape program and how have we played a role in your results.

Any other benefits, changes, or additional notes you would like to add.

THE WINNER’S will be announced December 18th in between the Saturday boot camp sessions.