Boot Camp Biggest Loser Contest - Over $500 in Prizes -

Boot Camp Biggest Loser Contest – Over $500 in Prizes


Jan 27

The Get You In Shape Biggest Loser Client Contest (sign up below)

We are giving away a Free Month of Boot Camp for the winner of this contest. We know that many of you are over the new years high of trying to stick to your healthy habits so this is the perfect time to ramp up your program with a contest sure to help keep you motivated and help you stay focused on your weight loss and fitness goals. We wanted to give you a reason for continuing to follow the program, lose weight, and get healthier. A Free Month of Boot Camp and a Contest usually will get most people excited about that. That’s right, we want to reward you for losing weight and looking great. We will be giving one person a Free Month of Boot Camp and other prizes for deciding to step up during the month of February and get results. Second and Third place will be 50% off your next Boot Camp. So what do you have to lose?

We are keeping this contest simple:
1. You have to be signed up by Feb. 3rd (Sign up Below)
2. The Contest is just like the Biggest Loser gets a winner, you will win based on percentage of weight loss from Jan 31 st and Feb 25th. Inches will not be counted, just weight.
3. You have to get a starting weight by Feb 3rd and a finishing weight by Feb 25th. This is how we will determine a winner. You have to have a before weight and you have to be weighed between Jan 31-Feb 3rd). Since this contest is about weight loss percentage, you will not be eligible for the Free Month and other prizes we are giving away.
4. You must be enrolled in the February Get You In Shape Boot Camp.
5. Can only come to 14 boot camp sessions.

There will be a number of prizes given out so even if you do not win the Free Month of Boot Camp we will be giving out 5 different prizes for the top 5 people in the Contest.

Don’t think you can win? The Get You In Shape Biggest Loser Client Contest is about stepping up the plate, doing it when no one else wants to, and getting great results in a short period of time. We hope you will take the challenge with other boot campers. It is not about the Free Month of Boot Camp or the other prizes we are giving away. It is about the process and journey you are going through along the way.

Suggestions to winning-
1. 24 Day Challenge – This is a step by step plan that gives you everything you need to do from the time you get up until the time you go to sleep. Our next informational meeting is Tuesday night, Feb 1st from 7-8:15. The 24 Day Challenge  has been proven to work for thousands of people from all across the country. Click Here for more info. If you already know you want to come, you can email us to RSVP.
2. Use your Daily nutrition and exercise log for motivation and accountability. This can be found in the Get You In Shape Program PDF. Email us if you do not have the updated one we just changed to.
3. Follow the prescribed off-day cardio we give you each week that can be found each week on the blog and that we email you about.
4. Use the Get You in Shape Team. We are always working for you weather you are in a contest or not. So use our experience and let us help you get the best results possible.
We do want you to go about this the Get You In Shape way –Eat Well balanced foods, fill in your nutritional gaps, exercise 6 days a week. Many of you may want to just not eat carbs for a month and we highly discourage it. This is a one month contest but we are helping you change your lifestyle so we want you to follow our program so that it can be something you do the rest of your life. That is how you get long term weight loss and stay healthy long term.


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