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Boot Camp and Personal Trainer Tip of the Week – Coppell, TX


Oct 20

Coppell, TX – Boot Camp and Personal Trainer Tip of the week -Mood Busters
Bad Mood Busters

Coppell, TX – Boot Camp and Personal Trainer Tip of the week -Mood Busters

Bad Mood Busters
Do you ever find yourself getting really irritable for almost no reason? Or suddenly feeling down without knowing why? Going from sadness to anger to joy in a matter of minutes can make you feel as though you’re losing your grip.  Sometimes we experience a bad mood and don’t have the slightest clue what caused the doldrums to come over us.  Although you might not know what caused the melancholy funk you find yourself in, one thing is for sure, you can take some proactive steps to

 Busting Bad by Getting Outside
One study found that outdoor joggers produced more of the feel-good brain chemical serotonin and had less anxiety and depression than folks who ran on indoor treadmills.  This is why the trainers at Get You In Shape love to utilize the beautiful Andy Brown park as our workout oasis. 

Busting Bad in 30 Minutes
In the time it takes to fast-forward through two TiVo’d sitcoms; you can lift your mood. You’ve probably already heard — likely from some gym-rat that spends all day at the health club — that exercise helps alleviate depression and improve well-being over the long term. Well, you don’t have to be a gym-rat — and you definitely don’t have to spend all day at the health club — to reap the emotional benefits that exercise provides. In fact, the mood-enhancing rewards of physical activity will more than likely show up after only 30-minutes of interval training.

In a recent study that compared walkers who walked at a fast pace (which is low intensity compared the Get You In Shape programming) with people who just loafed around for 30 minutes, the “high intensity walkers” all got relief from depressive symptoms, including confusion, anger, distress, and fatigue.  Plus, they got significant improvements in their sense of well-being, a benefit the loafers didn’t get. By the way, both groups weren’t just “feeling blue” after watching the economy tank; they had major depression. So if it worked for them, imagine what it can do for you after just a single rough day at home or at the office.

Busting Bad even on Low-energy days
We all have low-energy days when we just want to go brain dead in front of the TV and eat a bag of chips.  But if you can resist the temptation of couch stagnation and to skip your daily workout when you’re feeling low, you’ll be rewarded both now and later. Try this trick: tell yourself that you need to do only 10 minutes of exercise. Once you’re up and moving (and feeling better) you’ll most likely want to finish your workout. Even if you can’t push past the 10-minute mark on the occasional bad day, you’ll feel good about doing at least a little something. Sticking with the Get You in Shape program will help you feel good about yourself, strengthen your immune system, and enhance production of mood-boosting hormones.

Busting Bad through Serving Others
Volunteer at a local church, school, club, or community organization. Not only will sharing your unique talents and expertise benefit others, but research shows that volunteering can make you happier and improve your well-being, too. Feeling engaged and involved in your local community is good for your emotional health. It’s also an opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people. Win-win.

Busting Bad with Good Relationships
Unwind and share a few laughs with your family or friends as much as possible. The openness and trust you share with the important people in your life can help give you the perspective you need to cope with everyday challenges. These regular connections will also have a positive impact on your health, especially when you share a good laugh. Laughing lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, and releases endorphins that can ease pain.

Busting Bad with Self-Improvement
Set a goal – and then nail it.  Why it works: Setting higher expectations for yourself doesn’t create stress — it actually provides a release valve for stress. A 2006 study found that people who set goals were less anxious, felt better about themselves, and found more meaning in their lives than did their free-floating counterparts. “Setting goals boosts mood by increasing the likelihood of success, which results in better feelings about yourself and life in general,” says Jennifer S. Cheavens, Ph.D., the study’s lead author and an assistant professor at Ohio State.  In this way, you can take proactive steps to bust that bad mood!

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