Boot camp Tip - Exercise to help you increase your hip mobilty -

Boot camp Tip – Exercise to help you increase your hip mobilty


Jan 09

Boot Camp and Get You In Shape Tip of the Week. See Video Below.

We all want to get the most out of our workouts. For us, most Get You In Shape clients are looking to look, feel, and perform better. Losing weight and toning up is something most of our clients want and why they are looking to us for help.
We cover nutrition most of the time because that is 70% of how you can have more energy and get the results you want. We also cover the nutrition side more because that is where most of our clients are needing help. That is one reason why we recommend the 24 Day Challenge so much because we know it an help many people who are struggling with their nutrition. This weeks tip is about getting the most out of your exercises. In particular how to improve on your bodies mobility and in turn, improve in your workouts.
Just working out and moving is great for most people but since results are what most people are looking for, why not focus on getting more out of the time you put in. You see it all the time with people just going through the motions when exercising. With the Get You In Shape Boot Camp, we program each particular workout differently so that your body always has to adapt to the changes. This, in turn, normally causes your body to have to work harder (burn more calories) to adapt to those changes. We also focus on doing each exercise correctly so that you get the most out of the exercise (your body burns more calories) and so you minimize the risk on injury.
What is one of the main things that people can work on to get more out of their workouts? Improving their mobility or flexibility is the tip of the week and I am just giving you a few things to work on to help with this. This can be something that you do watching TV, at your office (shut the door and take a 2-3 minute break), as a part of your warm up on the off-day cardio, and when you get to boot camp.
The key is that you begin doing it. You will notice an improvement in just the first time you do this.