Biggest Winner Information after signing up -

Biggest Winner Information after signing up


Feb 08

CLICK HERE to get the 2013 Biggest Winner Guide Book
This has all the step by step information, Accountability Calendar, Dates, Tools, How to Win, and everything else need to know about the program.


1. Team Names – Email Brad your team Name. I know some from last year have changed their name. Please email it to me so we can get is exactly how you want it spelled.
2. Get a Group Picture asap. You can have one of the trainer take it at boot camp. For those that come at different times, trying making it to one class time Monday February 25th so you can take the group picture. Get the picture to Brad asap as we want all team pictures by Wednesday Feb 27th.
3. Facebook fan page BW Challenge. Please read the Facebook page from the GYIS BW Guidebook. We will be having a daily challenge for everyone that will hopefully be both fun and rewarding to the whole group. Here is our facebook page. Make sure you like it so you can see the posts.
4. Discount on 2 Advocare packages. Click Here to
read the huge discounts  on 2 Advcoare programs that we are giving  to all folks but Tuesday is the final date to take advantage  of it. We know how beneficial this will be for anyone really  looking to for the best results possible in the next 4 weeks. We are focused on YOU these next 5 weeks (not that we aren’t always) so we will be doing more and more things to help keep you accountable. We believe the nutrition discounts we are giving you are a great incentive to invest a little more in this program. If you recall, there is no fee for all the great stuff you are getting in the Biggest Winner Team Contest. The Advocare programs are just an additional option for those wanting a little more out of the program.

5. Exercise and Nutrition Journal – We ask that you put your papers in a folder with your name on it when you turn in your journal every Friday. You will need to read the 3 ways we are asking you to turn in your journals in the BW Guide. We recommend you start this right away.

6. Get You In Shape Coach/Training – We are just playing a supporting role in this process. Although we will be actively helping each team, we want you guys to come together and support each other. We want each of you to come together and build each other up, take charge and say when you are going to get your off-day cardio in, let your team know how great they are doing, etc. It’s about you. So although your coach/trainer will be helping, they are going to take a step back and let you guys come together, grow, and see what can happen when a group comes together for one cause to help each other achieve MORE.

Biggest Winner Team Suggestions
1. Off-Day Meet ups –
Although you will each be on just one team, we really want this to be about group support and community. So post on our GYIS Private Group page (if you are not in it, friend Coppell Boot Camp and we will add you to the group) if you guys are planning on meeting somewhere on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. It’s ok if two teams decide to meet or if someone just posts they are planning on doing the GYIS off-day cardio suggestion at 5pm at the park if anyone wants to join them. If you do meet on an off-day, make sure you take a picture of it and use the directions in the GYIS Guide to post them. Remember, this is about helping to motivate each other and this will be a great tool we can all use to help get everyone out doing something on the off-days.
2. Team Group Emails –  Since it is up to you guys as a team to help each other out. I would start off by letting each other know what your 5 week goals are, what your struggles are and what actions steps you plan on taking in the next 5 weeks. This will help each of you to support each other.
Each person will play some role in the team but the group emails can be a way to staying connected and keeping each other motivated.


We know a lot of Get You In Shape clients use Facebook, so we thought it might be another way to help keep you motivated and accountable.

We have a Facebook Challenge each day and will be checking out your posts, pictures, shares, and stories on the Get You In Shape Facebook page

Below are guidelines, instructions, and suggestions.

Step 1: ‘LIKE’ our Facebook page:

Step 2: Become Friends with Coppell Boot Camp on Facebook

Step 3: Write a status update/post a picture on your wall  and include @GetYouInShape to your post or we can’t see it (from your phone you’ll have to make Get You In Shape your location).

Our FACEBOOK Page Get You In Shape

We will be posting a Biggest Winner challenge each day for you to do. We encourage each of you to participate to make this fun.

  • Post a Facebook status using @GetYouInShape
  • “Share” any Get You In Shape page post, status or picture
  • Quote a trainer in your status update and tag @GetYouInShape
  • Post a picture with you and a Get You In Shape trainer and tag @GetYouInShape
  • Post a status about how attending classes has positively affected your lifestyle and/or business and tag @GetYouInShape
  • Record a video testimonial and post it using @GetYouInShape
  • Post a picture of yourself with your team and post using @GetYouInShape

NOTE: You can’t update Facebook from your cell phone and tag @GetYouInShape. For example, @GetYouInShape does not hyperlink (the words do not turn blue). So, this means we can’t see the post and can’t give you points. From your cell phone you have to select Get You In Shape as your location before you post.

Friend Coppell Boot Camp –  You can tag that you were with “Coppell Boot Camp” in each picture, each post, and each shared post on Get You In Shape’s page. The GYIS VIP Private group page

 We will encourage more daily accountability on this page. What you ate and what you did for a workout. This will be a great tool to help with team motivation, friendly competition, and to let everyone know what everyone is doing.

We will use this and encourage the whole GYIS community to post when they are meeting up to do off day cardio. If your team is planning a bike ride, post to the page, etc

Facebook Challenge Day #1
What is one health and fitness goal and why is that goal important to

Facebook Challenge Day #2  Post a Picture of your lunch

Facebook Challenge Day #3 Boot Camp – Post a picture of you at Boot Camp

Facebook Challenge Day #4 Post what you did for your off-day cardio

Facebook Challenge Day #5 Trainer Picture day – Take a picture with a GYIS trainer and post.

Facebook Challenge Day #6 & #7 What did you do this weekend to burn calories?

Facebook Challenge Day #8 Post a picture of your breakfast or mid-morning snack

Facebook Challenge Day #9  Healthy Recipe Sharing day. Share one of your favorite healthy recipes.

Facebook Challenge Day #10 Take a picture of your exercise and nutrition journal and share.

Facebook Challenge Day #11 Take a picture of your tennis shoes and post 🙂

Facebook Challenge Day #12 Motivation day – Share with us who is your motivation. Who helps motivate you to to look, feel, and perform better on a daily basis? Share a picture of that person  if you would like.


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