Biggest Winner 2013 Contest Information Page -

Biggest Winner 2013 Contest Information Page

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The Scoop

1. The Contest will start Feb. 25th and run for five weeks through March 29th.

2. Everyone that is joining will need to get weighed in before Feb. 22nd (last day of this month’s boot camp). If you are gone that day, you need to contact Brad before Feb. 22nd and make arrangements to get weighed and measured before then.

3.  Each participant can select or will be placed on a team of other Get You In Shape clients. Teams will have four to five participants. If you already have a team, please email Brad and let him know the team members. Ideally you want to get on a team with folks that workout at generally the same time.

4. All teams will be announced during the weekend before the start date of Feb. 25th. This is so that we can give you everyone’s contact information, pick a team name and get a team picture. We ask each team to either ask one of the trainers to take it on their phone or you guys can take it. You can send it to Brad or post it on Facebook.

5. Each team will help keep everyone accountable and on track. You will be assigned to participants that workout at the same time you do so that you can communicate more and also encourage each other as you see them at boot camp.

6. Each TEAM will be relying on the other team members to help hold each other accountable, motivated, and inspired.

7. Although this is a client driven and team contest, each team will also have a Get You In Shape Fitness Coach to help with any questions and weekly check-ins.

8. We will give everyone 3 journal options and encourage each individual to turn in their exercise and nutrition journal every Friday.

9. We will also have an optional add-on special to the program for anyone who is a Biggest Winner participant. There will be some big discounts for our nutrition program.  We will have a nutritional meeting on Feb 26th @7:30pm at our monthly 24 Day Challenge meeting at the Linder’s house (601 Loch Lane Coppell, TX). There will be 2 options that will be included in the specials, which will add to the results for anyone looking to lose body fat in the five weeks. Please see “Special Add On” page in this guide book.

10. We will have some gauges to track fitness progress, results, attendance, and off-day cardio. These will all be factors in determining the individual and team winners.

11. The idea of the Get You In Shape Biggest Winner is to provide extra motivation and accountability by having teams and a healthy dose of competition.

We do ask that you commit yourself to the program for five weeks. We know many of our clients are looking for extra motivation this time of year. As a GYIS community, I hope we all can help each other push through the next five weeks!

The Get You In Shape Biggest Winner
How to Win

Rules and Details  –  Since we are having a few official winners (if you entered and are participating, you are already a winner!) for teams and individuals, here are a few basics on the requirements.

Here is what you HAVE to do in order to be on a team.

1. Sign Up – If you have not already done so, sign up. There will be links on every email or just contact Brad to let him know you are willing to commit and want to participate.
2. You will need to get measured and weighed before Feb. 22nd

How to Win — We will have a male and female winner along with a team winner. The winners will be based on a combination of results, attendance, fitness, testimonials, journal tracking, social media participation, and general participation. Here are the basics and the following pages explain each more in detail.  Not ALL of them are mandatory for winning but we do know that if you are doing everything we are asking, it will help increase your RESULTS (which is what this is all about).

1. You will need to get measured and weighed on Feb. 22nd (last day of this month’s boot camp). If you are gone that day, you need to contact Brad before Feb. 22nd and make arrangements.

2. Turn in a Client Assessment and Checklist before starting.

3. Submit one of the three suggested exercise and nutrition journals (see page 7 of this guide). We are going to recommend you turn it in each Friday of the contest, at boot camp.

4. Attendance, fitness gauges and team interaction will be factors.

5. Be positive and be an asset to your group. Again, this is for motivation, encouragement and inspiration as a team.

6. Team and individual interaction on Facebook, if you have a Facebook account (see Facebook Page on pg 11 for instructions).

7. Both written and video testimony (see Success Story Page for details). We will do team testimonials and also do individual ones for those looking to win the individual contest.

8. Must get measured and weighed from March 27th – March 29th. March 29th is the last day of the March session. It is your responsibility to make sure you get your measurements and weight so please let us know when you would like to do that.

9. For Individual Biggest Winner awards you must complete 1, 2, 6, 7, and 8 above to be eligible to win.

What is INCLUDED in the Get You In Shape Biggest Winner Contest  – AT NO COST

Tools Page

  • Tools to get the best possible results in just FIVE WEEKS! (see below for the tools and resources)
  • Positive Environment that will encourage a TEAM (Together We Achieve More) effort. We will provide the avenue for success with a group looking for the same accountability, motivation, help and inspiration that you are.
  • Weekly Individual Check-In’s With Accountability Coach
  • Weekly Accountability by turning in your nutritional and exercise journal (see below)
  • Four Free Saturday Group Cardio Sessions with all GYIS Biggest Winner Contestants (not just your team) These will be Feb. 23rd (8am), Mar. 2nd (9am), Mar 9th (8am), and Mar. 23rd (9am). This will be led by a GYIS Trainer. 
  • Extra Motivation, Education, Accountability & Support!!!

You can also get all the details on the Get You In Shape Biggest Winner
Webpage here.

Daily Nutrition and Exercise LogHere is a link to the blog, which covers this. We encourage you to read it as it will help you realize why we are encouraging you to do this for the next five weeks.
We do ask that you get a folder and put your name on it to keep all the 5 weeks of journaling information in there and so that it will help your GYIS coach.
1. Use an App and print it out. – Here is a link to the blog which covers this.
2. Print out and use the Daily Nutrition and Exercise Log (page 9 of this guide)
3. Do it the old fashioned way – journal in a journal which would look like something similar to page 9 of this guide book.

Biggest Winner 5 Week Accountability CalendarClick Here to get it.

Other Suggested Tools

21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Guide Book              GYIS Healthy Recipe Book
3 Step’s To Your Best Body Chapter
5 Anywhere Anytime Exercises & 10 Healthy Meals      Four Other Free Reports

The Get You In Shape Biggest Winner Contest
Nutrition Special Add On Options

Option #1   The 24 Day Challenge Program

  • Nutrition Guide Book – $29 Value
  • 3 Meetings With a Get You In Shape Professional – $102 Value
  • Phone call check-ins With a Get You In Shape Professional – $39
  • Advocare 24 Day Challenge Nutrition System – $194
  • Email Educational Follow Up Support System – $29 Value
  • Advocare “Can u 24?” Fitness DVD -$29 Value
    Total Value – $420
    Biggest Winner Special ONLY $175

    When can you take advantage of the Special? Feb 22nd-Feb 27th
    How do you get the Special?
    Group Meeting – Feb. 26th @ 7:30pm at 601 Loch Lane Coppell, TX. Sign Up at so we know how many products we need on hand. We will give you all the details about the program.
    Can’t make the meeting but want the Special? Call or Email Brad by Feb 26th.

Option #2 The 28 Day Metabolic Nutrition System & Spark

How do you get the Special
Group Meeting – Feb. 26th @ 7:30pm at 601 Loch Lane Coppell, TX
Sign Up at so we know how many products we need on hand. We give you all the details about the program there. Can’t make the meeting but want the Special? Call or Email Brad by Feb 27th.

Increase both individual, team and community motivation and accountability by using Facebook

We know a lot of Get You In Shape clients use Facebook, so we thought it might be another way to help keep you motivated and accountable.
We will be checking out your posts, pictures, shares, and stories on the Get You In Shape Facebook page/
Below are guidelines, instructions, and suggestions.

Step 1: ‘LIKE’ our Facebook page:

Step 2: Become Friends with Coppell Boot Camp

Step 3: Write a status update/post a picture on your wall and include @GetYouInShape to your post or we can’t see it (from your phone you’ll have to make Get You In Shape your location).

Our FACEBOOK Page – Get You In Shape

We will be posting a Biggest Winner challenge each day for you to do. We encourage each of you to participate to make this fun.

  • Post a Facebook status using @GetYouInShape
  •  “Share” any Get You In Shape page post, status or picture
  • Quote a trainer in your status update and tag @GetYouInShape
  • Post a picture with you and a Get You In Shape trainer and tag @GetYouInShape
  • Post a status about how attending classes has positively affected your lifestyle and/or business and tag @GetYouInShape
  • Record a video testimonial and post it using @GetYouInShape
  • Post a picture of yourself with your team and post using @GetYouInShape


You can’t update Facebook from your cell phone and tag @GetYouInShape. For example, @GetYouInShape does not hyperlink (the words do not turn blue). So, this means we can’t see the post and can’t give you points. From your cell phone you have to select Get You In Shape as your location before you post.

Friend –  Coppell Boot Camp –  You can tag that you were with “Coppell Boot Camp “in each picture, each post, and each shared post on Get You In Shape’s page.

The GYIS VIP Private group page –  We will encourage more daily accountability on this page. What you ate and what you did for a workout. This will be a great tool to help with team motivation, friendly competition, and to let everyone know what everyone is doing.
We will use this and encourage the whole GYIS community to post when they are meeting up to do off-day cardio. If your team is planning a bike ride, post to the page, etc.
Dates to Put on your Calendar
Click Here to get the Biggest Winner Accountability calendar

Feb 22nd – Measurements and weight must be taken and Client Assesment Checklist must be turned in (try not to wait until Monday the 25th)
Feb 25th-March 1st – Fitness Testing will be done so it’s important you are at the sessions
Feb 26th – Biggest Winner 24 Day Challenge and Nutritional Mixer (sign up here)
March 1st – Turn in journal for 1st week *
March 2nd Biggest Winner Trainer lead Group Cardio 9am (after camp sessions)
March 5th
– Biggest Biggest Winner 24 Day and nutrition 2nd follow up meeting
March 8th – Half way measurements& turn in journal for second week*
March 9th – Trainer Lead Group Cardio @ 8am
March 11-15th – GYIS week off – (we will give different options to you)
March 19th – Biggest Biggest Winner 24 Day and nutrition 3rd follow up meeting
March 22nd – Turn in journal for 3rd and 4th week*
March 23rd Trainer lead Group Cardio @9am
March 27th-29th – final measurements and weight
March 30th – GYIS Group 5k @8am
April 1st & 3rd  – GYIS will video team and individual testimonies
April 5th – written team and individual testimonies due
* although it is not a requirement, we do recommend you turning in your nutrition and exercise journal each week. See Program information for different journal options.