Biggest Loser (Winner) from Get You In Shape 9 week Contest -

Biggest Loser (Winner) from Get You In Shape 9 week Contest


Apr 15

Get You In Shape Biggest Winner

Female Winner – Belinda Fernandes

I took part in the Biggest Winner competition for Get You In Shape and I lost 22 pounds and 18th inches over 9 week. Having lost over 10% of my body weight I have moved out of the “obese” bmi into the “overweight” bmi.

I enjoyed the extra motivation I got from being in this competition – working together with the other ladies on my team who all had similar goals.

This also was the beginning of several new habits that i want to stick with as they helped make me successful:
1. Tracking what I eat everyday – I feel in contril when i can see how much I am eating
2. Cutting out soda
3. Cutting down suger consumption
4. Taking vitamin supplements – I started the 24 Day Challenge and then continued on with the program. It has helped me with appetite control – I no longer think of food all the time.
5. Eat less! I never thought i would say it – I do not need to eat a thanksgiving platter every mealtime!
6. Cardio and boot camp go nad in hand. I have better results when i do more off-day cardio – and theat includes Saturdays.

I know when I focus on a goal I am more successful, so my next goal to work toward is the “Original Mud Run”!

Thanks for all your support

Biggest Loser (Winner) Male Indro

Here is a recent video from Indro

Name, what you do and where you are from (where you live)?
Indro Dasgupta, Valley Ranch, Irving.

Why did you decide to join the Get You In Shape Biggest Winner Contest?
For fun, motivation, and extra push.

Where were you or how were you doing before joining the Biggest Winner Contest?
I was doing alright, but was somewhat in a weight loss plateau, mental slowdown state.

What were your results in the 9 weeks ? What were the benefits you received in just 9 weeks? If you lost weight, ―I lost 12 pounds in 9 weeks
In 9 weeks: I lost 14.9 pounds, lost 15 inches, lost approximately 5% body fat (Navy method), ran 1 mile in less than 8 minutes for the first time.

5. How did you enjoy the team concept of the program?
It was great. Both Todd and Fred are very fit and gave me that extra push to do more.

6. Any other feedback and benefits you want to mention about the program.
Good program. We should do more of this for a shorter period (maybe 6 weeks) but more intense. Made me be very regular in my food and exercise journaling, which is fantastic. Now I think I have total control over my nutrition.
It was also great that Cardio Club started at the same time. That has been a game changer for me.


Biggest Loser (Winner) Team

Congrats to Daniela, Laura, Kelly and Jeanette for your teamwork and hard work!

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