Arm bands on The Biggest Loser? Amazing Calorie Management Product -

Arm bands on The Biggest Loser? Amazing Calorie Management Product


May 13

Being a Biggest Loser watcher myself, it is great to see that one of the Products that we sell at Get You In Shape being worn by all the contestants in front of millions of people watching at home. What are those things on the arms of everyone on The Biggest Loser?  The amazing  product is the Apex Bodybugg. I have gotten clients and boot camp participants starting on the Bodybugg and evBodybuggeryone is having great results with this product. The amount of information you learn about your body makes this product a great investment for anyone interested in loseing weight and keeping it off. You will learn just how many caloriesyour body burns when you head to Wal-Mart at night and walk around the store. What about that tread mill that says you are burning 400 caloires when you are really only burning 300. Get You In Shape started carrying them at the studio recently and they have been a huge hit. If you are not in the Dallas area, but would like to learn more about what they are and how to get one, please call me at 214-603-8287. below is a great explanation on what the Bodybugg is and what the Bodybugg does. I also included information about The Biggest Loser about their diet and exercise.

The Bodybugg by Apex Fitness is an amazing tool which will legitimately help you manage your weight. This mini computer which is worn around the upper arm, measures exactly how many calories one burns throughout the day . Combined with a personalized program which allows you to chronicle your caloric intake, the Bodybugg offers proof of exactly what you’ve accomplished each day.

The Bodybugg program sets personalized caloric intake and burn rates each day, specifically for the goals you’d like to accomplish. Just putting the Bodybugg will help motivate you to eat better and try to burn more calories each day. If I come home and know I have taken in more calories than my body has burned, I know I need to go for a

Arm Bands on the Biggest Loser

Arm Bands on the Biggest Loser

walk or move around to help bring the calories burned up. If my see that my calories burned is way ahead of my calories consumed, I can have a desert(if I am still below in calories for consumed for the day). Either way……it’s nice to know for sure what I’ve accomplished. It is a great product for people who are not sure what they are putting in their body. The nutritional software is great to learn and it really help to know what you need to do to make sure your body is burning more Calories than it is consuming. The Bodybugg is helping people lose weight and keep the weight off because it help educate people on THEIR body. Everyone has a different body and having the Bodybugg will help get the weight loss results they are looking for.

The Bodybugg is lightweight, attractive, and extremely comfortable. Slim enough to fit under any shirt without looking strange, this Bugg is worth a try. Set goals, receive definitive data regarding your efforts and make changes where necessary. Again, if you would like to know more information about it or how you can get one, call me at 214-603-8287.

Here is the information I got about The biggest Loser

New Fitness Technology
One of the new tools being used this season by all the contestants is Apex Fitness Group’s Bodybugg – “the world’s most intelligent calorie management System.” You’ll notice that every Biggest Loser contestant this season is wearing an armband 24/7. Kim later explained in the second episode that this gadget is “weight management on your arm.” The BodyBugg is the latest advancement in calorie expenditure prediction. Using sensors to measure skin temperature, skin resistively and ambient temperature, the BodyBugg is 92% accurate. The Biggest Loser trainers are able to track each participant’s daily calorie expenditure, similar to a GPS device, as the device communicates with software on a PC. The trainers can then pinpoint the exact time of day when a contestant is lying down or resting and burning little calories and suggest ways to modify activity and diet to keep those calories burning! By simplifying the tedious chore of calorie counting and calculations, the Bodybugg allows you to reach your weight loss goals but at a price of $500 plus ongoing subscription to the Bodybugg web service. Access to the latest advancements in nutrition and exercise technology and gadgets, such as the Bodybugg, is one of the Biggest Loser’s weight loss secrets!

With a formidable team of nutritionists and doctors, the Biggest Loser contestants have top-notch diet and nutrition information and tips. In an interview with MSNC, Dr. Michael Dansinger, a consultant on The Biggest Loser Season 2, explained “the people in the show are in a fantasy, unrealistic environment where everything is optimized for weight loss.” He notes that having nothing else to do working with a trainer makes it possible for participants to entirely reconfigure their diet and exercise routine.

Dansinger says that “50 to 60 percent of [contestants’] weight-loss success comes from dietary change.” The Biggest Loser contestants are used to consuming almost 3000 calories a day in their daily lives, but on the show they are consuming only about 1500 calories a day. Also, the trainers focus on substitution of sweets with sugar-free deserts and fruit and increasing contestant’s lean protein consumption in order to rev metabolisms.

Past contestants have revealed the following about their weight loss successes on the Biggest Loser in an interview from

~ “Eat 5-6 meals a day to your keep metabolism burning and never more than 2-3 hrs without food.”
~ “Eat protein at every meal and always couple carbs with protein because protein helps your body process carbs more efficiently.”
~ “Counting calories is key.”
~ “Don’t skip breakfast. It’s very important. You’ve got to get the motor running. I equate my body to an engine, and you’ve got to get that engine started first thing in the morning.”
~ “It’s all about choices. You can have a beef patty for 300 calories or substitute lean turkey at only 150 cal for the same 4 oz.”

Some of the diet advice the trainers, Bob and Kim, regularly emphasize is:
~ “Sit down at the dinner table when you eat; don’t stand up. People eat more when they’re standing up.”
~ “Make friends with fiber. Not only is it good for digestive health, it fills you up so you don’t get hungry as often.”
~ “Carry healthy snacks with you so that when you get hungry, you won’t cheat.”
~ “Make friends with fiber. Not only is it good for digestive health, it fills you up so you don’t get hungry as often.”

With the help of the show, the overweight contestants establish new healthy food relationships and learn about nutrition. And with such a restricted diet, it is no wonder the Biggest Loser participants shed such big numbers on the scale each week!

So if 50 to 60 percent of the Biggest Losers weight loss success comes from diet, where is the other 40 to 50 percent coming from you ask? Through three to four hours of intense exercise every day, with at least an hour of strength training and two hours of cardio! This amount of activity allows the contents to burn an extra 1200 to 1500 calories, almost eclipsing the amount of calories they are taking in! Dansinger says. “It’s hard to do by yourself, but on the show it’s easy to do. When people allow themselves to be put in that kind of environment … when you pull out all the barriers to weight loss, that’s when the weight loss can come very quickly.”

The Biggest Loser Pete Thomas shared more secrets of the reality show’s exercise regimen in an interview with the 700 club. Pete revealed they were not allowed a television or phone on the ranch and had no contact with their families. Every day participants completed a four hour intense workout, especially cruel for how out-of-shape the contestants all were.

Pete says about the fitness routine, “Well, first thing in the morning, we were required to do an hour of intense cardio, so we had to keep our heart rate above a certain number of beats per minute. And in the afternoon, Jillian would come in, and she’d work us out an hour doing the resistance training and another hour doing the cardio. Then in the evening, we’d do another hour of cardio. In between, all you had time to do was get something to eat and rest because you were sore all the time.”

Not wanting to excessively stress the contestants joints, high impact cardio such as running and skipping rope were not the staples of the Biggest Loser fitness regimen in the beginning. The elliptical machines, treadmills and bikes of the Biggest Loser gym were the staples of the exercise program.

With exercise routines specifically formulated by personal trainers and diets tailored and timed around workouts to burn fat and build muscle, the Biggest Loser contestants chief weight loss secret is their fitness plan!

So how was Jerry, the oldest contestant in Biggest Loser history, able to lose 30 pounds the first week at the ranch? As a male he has the advantage of increased muscle mass and with a history in athletics, the workouts came easier for him. But the dramatic weight loss results on the Biggest Loser are due mainly to technological advances like the Bodybugg, first-rate personal trainers, Jilian, Bob and Kim and at least 3 to 4 hours of intense exercise a day combined with a calorie-restricted diet. The shocking number of pounds the contestants drop each week is also due in part to sheer size. It takes more effort and burns more calories to move a 300 or 400 pound body then a 150 pound one, hence the significant weight loses. With an almost 50% calorie consumption decrease and no television, phone or family distractions, it’s no wonder the Biggest Loser contestants lose weight so quickly. The question, however, is if such rapid weight loss is healthy and in the long-term what matters most is if you are able to keep those pound off or not!


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