Advocare Slim - Caffeine Free Slim from Advocare helping with weight loss and weight management! -

Advocare Slim – Caffeine Free Slim from Advocare helping with weight loss and weight management!


Aug 17

Advocare nutritional product of the week –
Advocare is a nutrition and wellness company dedicated to helping people look, feel and perform better on a daily basis. Get You In Shape has been a part of Advocare since 2001 and has continued to use their products as their only nutritional products to offer to participants and clients. Brad Linder, Expert Personal Trainer in the Dallas, TX area, personal loves

Advocare Slim - Caffeine Free

Advocare Slim - Caffeine Free

Advocare because of the science behind the products and the professional non-paid endorsers who take the products because they WORK


Advocare’s Slim (caffiene free) now comes with the new caffeine free slim. Many people have enjoyed the benefits Slim gives. But some people do not want caffiene or may be already taking other Advocare products that have caffiene, so Advocare Slim (caffiene free) is a great answer.

Here is the skinny on  Advocare’s Slim (caffiene free) :Advocare’s Slim

  • Caffeine free for easier stackability with other great Advocare products
  • A portable weight-management aid *
  • Formulated with Svetol ® and Super CitriMax ® – ingredients that support weight loss and fat reduction *
  • Supports appetite management *
  • Provides support for long-lasting energy *
  • Helps fight occasional drowsiness*
  • Works in conjunction with MNS  ® or as a stand alone product
  • Quick acting *
  • Great tasting Strawberry Kiwi flavor *

For anyone looking for an easy-to-use solution for weight loss and weight management, Advocare’s Slim  is a great product. * This products help compine food cravings, more energy, and metabolic enhancers.  This 2 oz. liquid serving not only helps you control your cravings but also promotes fat reduction and an improvement in your body composition. * Altogether, Slim has a synergistic effect, helping you manage your diet and maintain energy while changing your body from within.* It really is a system in a bottle!

Slim combines two proven ingredients, Svetol ® and Super Citrimax ®.

Advocare Slim

Advocare Slim

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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