Advocare Nutritional Supplements – Why TOP NLF Quaterback Drew Brees takes Advocare Supplements


Apr 02

The Associated Press named Drew Brees 2008 Offensive Player of the Year. He received 22 votes, while Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson tied for second with nine. What nutritional supplements does Drew Brees take? Drew Brees takes Advocare nutritional products to help him perform at the highest level in the NFL. I love looking at some of the stats and seeing what athletes do to be in the shape they are in. Drew Brees is the #1 Offensive player in the NFL. He could be taking any nutritional supplement in the world to help him perform on and off the field. He chooses Advocare nutritional products! Let’s here WHY Drew Brees, the top Offensive Player in the NFL for 2008, chooses to take Advocare nutritional products over all the other supplements out there.

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Nutritional Supplements from ADVOCARE that Drew Brees takes: Advocare nutritional products – CLICK on that link to see each product below.

    AdvoCare Slam
    Advocare Spark
    Rehydrate Sports Drink
    Arginine Extreme
    Nighttime Recovery
    Post Workout Recovery Shake
    Joint ProMotion

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