Advocare Nutritional Mixer on Thurdsay Night -

Advocare Nutritional Mixer on Thurdsay Night


Mar 19

Advocare Nutritional Mixer This Thursday

Want to know more about Advocare? We have been blessed to be a part of this company and we know this is just the start. Are you interested in learning more about Advocare? About the products? Maybe you are looking for more like Cynthia and I were? We are doing Advocare to earn more income to help pay off debt and know Advocare is a great vehicle to do it.

This Thursday, Todd and Donna Cash have an amazing life-changing story and have opened their home to share what Advocare is and how it can impact your life. There will many people in the room that are using Advocare to help them get amazing results. They will also be some people using Advocare to help them have life more on their terms. Whether you are looking for results or looking for a plan B income, this will be a great time to hear from champions and be in the presence of leaders. Know this is meeting is open for everyone but they do want to know about how many people to expect. So let us know if you are planning on coming.

Here are the details-
What – Advocare Mixer going over what is possible with Advocare through products and the other side of Advocare that has 5 ways people involved with Advocare get paid.

When – Thursday, March 22nd 7:15pm
Where- 50 Picadilly Lave – Frisco, TX 75034  (20215 gatecode)

If you want to come with us, we will be leaving from our house about 6:55. Just email or call and we can give you our address if you need it.

This Thursday night will be a great opportunity to hear from folks that have done it and are being successful.

Todd and Donna Cash have an amazing Advocare Story.

If you are reading this after March 22nd and are interested in hearing about Advocare, please contact us and we will let you know when the next meeting is.

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