Advocare MNS Max 3, MNS Max C, and MNS Max E – How to take the vitamins


Nov 04

Advocare Metabolic Nutrition Sytem (MNS ) Max products – Max 3, Max C, Max E
This is HOW to take them. Please be sure to call or email us so you can get the best
possibly results on the Advocare Products.

MNS Instructions –
1. Take 1st colored pack 30 minutes before Breakfast.
   30 Minutes later – Eat a well-balanced breakfast -We recomend the Advocare Meal Replacement Shake

     2 hours after breakfast – Mid – Morning snack.

2. Take 2nd Colored pack 30 minutes before lunch
     30 minutes later – eat a well-balanced lunch
    WITH LUNCH – take the 2 white packs WITH your lunch. This is best WITH food.

If you have any questions about the products you can go to