Advocare Line of 2 Promotion to get to Advisor


Apr 03

We are very excited about this short promotion Advocare is having to help people to get to the top level in the company. Please watch the video below and CALL US so we can help you.
Know that once you reach the 40% Level, you are there for life. There are no minimum about of purchases you have to make to stay there. The only thing you need to do to stay at 40% for life is to renew each year (just like Sam’s or Cosco) for a $50 annual fee.

Examples & Guidelines

If you are NOT currently an Advisor or at the 40% level:

  • Place your $1,500 order
  • Help a current frontline team member do the same
  • OR sponsor a new frontline team member who does the same, or both!
  • Must order $1,500 or more in retail product in a single order during the same Pay Period

If you ARE currently an Advisor:

  • Sponsor Distributor A, who places a single order of $1,500 retail
  • Distributor A must then sponsor Distributor B, who places a single order of $1,500 retail
    in the same Pay Period
  • Once the initial line of two is complete, it is possible to “tag on” and build your team wide and deep
  • Must order $1,500 or more in retail product in a single order during the same Pay Period


Dos & Dont’s

Do take action now.
This is a limited time program!

Don’t procrastinate.

Do share your story with energy;
show what AdvoCare means to you.

Don’t use wording and phrases
that may not have meaning for
your prospect i.e. downline,
override, Pay Period, etc.

Do highlight the “win” for your prospect:
maximum discount / savings on purchases
income potential for the business-minded
maximum team growth (width & depth)

Don’t forget to ask relevant questions
regarding your prospect’s needs
and interests.

Do sponsor your friends and
prospects frontline, as you
would normally do.

Don’t attempt to “place” people
in a certain spot; it’s unwise and
typically not beneficial.

Do help your new frontline
team members sponsor their
friends and prospects frontline.

Don’t assume your team
members understand why this is a
recommended practice.

Do connect personally with
every new team member.

Don’t leave new team members
on their own or only connected to
an equally new sponsor.

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