Advocare Ladies Events coming up - Come join us. -

Advocare Ladies Events coming up – Come join us.


Aug 26

Advocare is a great company to be a part of. If you have participated in the 24 Day Challenge, you know the nuritional products to that are a part of the program work. The Ladies of Advocare will be putting two great events on for any ladies in Texas interested  in growing as a person and also learning more about the other side of Advocare, the businss side.
As most of you know, Cynthia (my wife) and I have been involved with Advocare for a while now and there is not another company out there. If you are looking for personal growth, Advocare can help you with that. If you are looking for a plan B while helping others get get in shape and get healthy, Advocare can provide that. The other great thing I love about Advocare is that you are a part of a team. So if you are at all interested in these events, let us know and we can give you details as you how to sign up. There is a link to the conference below also.

First event is September 13th 

Friday, September 24th –  7pm- 10pm

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION – If you would like to go, though, contact us so we can get you signed up.

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