Advocare is making it's way across the country -

Advocare is making it’s way across the country


Aug 28

AdvocareLaborDayAdvocare is quickly becoming a household name and Labor Day weekend will a game changer for many.

Advocare has four major events this weekend and I just wanted to you remember me when you see Advocare this weekend.


Here are the 4 Major events
1. Sponsor of the Advocare Texas Kickoff Classic – OSU vs. Miss St.
2. A sponsor in the Cowboys Classic – LSU vs. TCU
3. Sponsor in the Advocare 500 in Atlanta
4. Drew Brees and Jason Witten commercials sharing their beliefs about Advocare

As many of you know, we help people look, feel, and perform better with world class nutrition through Advocare. If you did not, now you do ūüôā

Advocare, is a 20 year old company that is quickly becoming a household name. With Drew Brees as it’s national spokesman and hundreds of non-paid professional athletes, Advocare is growing at a fast rate. This weekend, Advocare is launching it’s national fall campaign that will feature Advocare on TV commercials throughout the fall.¬†
As a company, Advocare is growing at a very fast rate. Their yearly revenue says it all:
2009 $99 Mil
2010 $149 Mil
2011  $230 Mil
2012  $420 Mil
Advocare is already on pace to hit $610-$630 Mil in 2013.

Cynthia and I have been blessed to help many people get incredible results from the¬†Advocare products. I personally been taking the products daily since 2001. it’s been more rewarding, though, being able to help hundreds of people change their health and reach new goals through Advocare. The products work and we will certainly continue to help anyone looking for results.

As our life situation has changed over the years (wife and two kids now), though, we have dug deeper into the business side of Advocare to help us get more out of life.  We are now looking to help more people hear about the incredible timing of the company and the business side of Advocare. With the national exposure the company, we are excited about what the next few months can do to our families future.

So when you see Advocare this weekend, think of us.  Whether you are looking at the products or or the opportunity to earn extra income doing something part time you are passionate about to get more out of life, Advocare can certainly help. Just reach out to us and let us know what your interested in so we know how to help you.

If you are looking for more information, below are a few links. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

So when you See Advocare this weekend, think of me.

It seems that you cannot watch ESPN these days without seeing an Advocare commercial.
Here are the two Commercials
Jason Witten Advocare Commercial

This is Drew Brees and Why He Trusts Advocare. Dree Brees will also be on commercials

It starts with safety.  Advocare products are tested by an independent laboratory call Informed Choice.  Informed Choice tests products for a range of substances that appear on the WADA (World Anti-Doping Association) prohibited list, as well as lists from organizations such as the NFL, NCAA, and MLB.  The NFL Players Association has a list of companies that are banned too.  Want to know what company is NOT on that list?  If pro and Olympic athletes are not allowed to take these products for whatever reason, why would you want to put it in your body?

What about the Science behind these products?  Advocares Sci-Med board is the finest in the world of nutritional products. These physicians are willing to put their reputations and the reputations of the Universities that they are part of on the line.  That does not happen with most supplement companies!

Whether you‚Äôre a professional athlete looking to win a championship or an armchair quarterback who needs to lose that beer gut you can feel confident taking Advocare’s products to help you reach your goals!

We will contact anyone that will be coming with directions and details.

Advocare Texas Kick Off Foot Camp
What is Advocare
Advocare Drew Brees Nutrition
Jason Witten Commercial for Advocare
Advocare Nutrition

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