Advocare Independence Bowl - Advocare Nutritional Products taking national spotlight! -

Advocare Independence Bowl – Advocare Nutritional Products taking national spotlight!


Jun 29

 Advocare Independence Bowl – Take advantage of getting start NOW before everyone knows what Advocare is.AdvocareBowl
Being in the health and fitness industry, I have been able to come across pretty much ALL NUTRITIONAL products. Being a former Professional Athlete, I had tried many supplements and had given up on them because I personally did not believe in them (mainly because I never felt or noticed anything from them – NO RESULTS).  I found the best nutrition and wellness company out there in Advocare back in 2001 and have personally taken them ever since. I was very impressed with WHO (world renowned) made them and WHO (over 150 non-paid world class athletes) took them.  My RESULTS? In less then 3 months, I lost 8% body fat and added 10 pounds of muscle. Getting amazing results from the high quality nutritional products myself, it was very easy to want to share the Advocare products with others because I got so many benefits from them. Many people still do not know that Advocare is 16 year old company. Many people still do not know that Drew Brees (2008 NFL Player of the Year) is one of the non-paid endorsers. Many people don’t know that Michael W. Smith (Christian Recording Artist) is another non-paid endorser which stats what kind of company Advocare is.

Why am I going over all of this? What does this have to do with you? Because in December everyone will know what Advocare is because Advocare is the first direct-selling company to ever sponsor a Bowl Game. The Advocare Independence Bowl will host a SEC team and a Big 12 team that will play on National Television (ESPN). The “Advocare Independence Bowl” name will be called out on ESPN, in the papers, and for each team playing in the game. If you actually watch the game,  Drew Brees will be a spokesman for the game and the national TV commercials. Yes, there will be an Advocare commercial. I will add again the Drew Brees is not getting paid millions of dollars to promote Advocare. The world-class Advocare nutritional products have benefited him so much that he freely endorses the Advocare products. Being involved with the company since 2001, I personally am excited because this will add instant credibility to Get You In Shape (my company) and myself. I have always be confident in talking to people about Advocare but now it will add more confidence in knowing we are such great company, that we have sponsored the Advocare Independence Bowl.

Want to take advantage of having your hands of something before everyone knows about it? You will want to be an Advocare Member so you can take advantage of all the people wanting to start Advocare in December. In January, everyone will be ready to come to YOU to get their new year weight loss goals started because they know you are the Advocare person.AdvocareBowl1

What will happen when everyone around the country watches the game? People will want to know about Advocare. How does that effect you? Since you can only get the  nutritional products from an independent Advocare distributor, you will want to take advantage of having read this article and WANT to get involved with this company and share the Advocare products with others. Just think, the credibility that comes with sponsoring a national bowl game. The credibility of seeing and hearing Drew Brees talking about our great products that help people look, feel, and perform better. Whoever is watching the game, whoever is watching the highlights, whoever is reading the box scores, will WANT to know what Advocare is. If your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors know that YOU are involved with Advocare they will call YOU. This means YOU get to take advantage of getting started with Advocare NOW before everyone knows about Advocare in December.

Since you are reading this months before the bowl game, you can take advantage of this great chance. If you are interested in getting more information and how to take advantage of this, please contact us. Advocare is a blessing my our life and we are excited about what is to come. We are looking for a few people to help join us in our journey to help other look, feel, and perform better. If this seems like something you are interested in hearing more about, contact us today!
Here is a short video about some of the success of Advocare.

For more information call us at 214-603-8287 or email

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