Administrative Assistant Position -

Administrative Assistant Position

LinderCoverSmallIf You Have Enthusiasm, A Positive Attitude, A Passion To Help Others And A Strong Work  Ethic, I Have A Fun And Fulfilling Opportunity for YOU!

Dear Potential Administrative Assistant,

Thank you for taking the time to visit this site. It is our hope that you have precisely what we need so we can take this page down immediately and put you to work in the fun and rewarding position we have available.

You should have arrived here because you saw our ad for an administrative assistant, saw that we were looking for someone on Facebook or a friend told you about our opening.

So let us tell you a little about us, our company and the job.

We are Brad and Cynthia Linder and we run a Health and Fitness company called Get You In Shape in Coppell, TX.

Our business is dedicated to helping women and men achieve their health and fitness goals through customized nutrition and fitness programs.

The majority of our focus is on the Get You In Shape Fitness Group Personal Training program. Since we started in Coppell, TX in October of 2007, we have had over 5,000 participants and helped people lose weight, have more energy, get healthier, and be more productive. We have done this with a unique program that is not like other programs out there. We have kept a very small team that allows us to make our program more personal to our clients. This also means that you will not be joining a huge company but a small niche company that is very dedicated to our core values and carrying out our mission statement.

If you are hired for this job, you’ll need to come to our Coppell office 4-5 days a week. Work schedule expectation would be around 5 hours per day but may fluctuate from day to day which would be around 25-30 hours/week.  Initial training may take a little longer. If you are selected to join our team, you will begin at $10/hour and go through a 90 day probationary period. From there, you will be paid on your efforts and efficiency.

Primary Responsibilities include, but are not limited to are:

  • Database Management: We have a  huge database of a variety of clients.  This database needs to be updated monthly with new clients, new client information, etc.  You will need to be familiar with data entry and learn how to use our system.
  • Carry Out Marketing Calendar – Coordinates, in conjunction with management, and executes marketing calendar and marketing projects.
  • Answering and returning phone calls – Answer phones in a friendly, helpful and courteous manner. We are a service oriented business. This position must have people skills and  be able to communicate with clients and potential clients over the phone.
  • Responding to customer service phone calls and emails:   You will need to respond to phone calls and emails.  The person who will fill this position will need to be comfortable with the phone, using email and be a good typist.
  • Booking Goal Setting Success Sessions over the phone – You will be responsible for calling potential clients who are interested in learning more about our program and becoming a client. You will need to be able to follow our step by step phone script and be book appointments. As stated earlier, people skills and being able to communicate with potential clients over the phone is something required for this position.
  • Filing:  Scanning and keeping our clients information in our online data base.
  • Website management: Ideally, you’ll have some technology skills and can do some basic updates to our web sites (if not, we’ll teach you how and have tutorials that will help guide you).
  • Project Planning– You will be helping to fulfill our  marketing projects and making sure every project is on tract.
  • Monthly Newsletter – Carry out the Get You In Shape monthly Newsletter.
  • Growth – help in the process of getting new leads, new client sales and client retention.
  • Customer Service – Respond to clients’ concerns, suggestions, and complaints in a timely, professional manner.
  • Merchant Integration – process clients payment on our merchant page.
  • Communication – Maintain excellent communication channels between clients and  our entire team.  Communicate various reports to owners, trainers and team.
  • Daily Actions, Results, and Objections – Each day you will report what your actions were, what there results, and any questions
  • Learn and Know Get You In Shape Program – We have tools in place that you will need to learn and know in order to carry out your job descriptions and help our clients. Since we are a health and fitness company, you will need to learn everything there is about our company to be able to help our clients.
  • Tasks – Ability to manage multiple tasks and achieve deadlines under pressure.

Required Skills 
These are the skills you must already have in order to qualify for this position:

  • Microsoft Word,  Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Excel
  • Good Phone Personality/Etiquette – you will be talking with our clients, who are VERY important to us, and prospective clients, who are also important.  You must be comfortable conversing on the phone, in person, and through email.  You must know how to conduct yourself professionally, take clear messages and deliver clear instructions to the prospect or client.  We can’t teach you manners and professionalism.
  • Email – A great deal of your work will be via email.  We use a web-based program that has training to help you learn how to use it. You need to be very comfortable and proficient with email.
  • Thoughtfulness and Organization – We need you to be able to think for yourself and be organized.  We are very serious about this one.  We do not want a robot, we want someone who learns and grows with us.
  • Strong Communication Skills –  both verbal and written, organizational skills, both analytical and problem solving, and the ability to work with confidential documents.
  • Independent and Self-Motivated – We are not a big company. In fact you will mainly be working by yourself. You will need to be able to work independently and be self-motivated in order to get your job descriptions completed in the amount of time they need to be completed.

How To Apply 
We are looking to hire and bring on the right person quick.   So if this job sounds good to you, follow these instructions now.

Here’s what I want from you.  NOTE:  Failure to follow these instructions will result in your resume going in the circular file.  This is your first test, okay?

1. Write us a letter explaining why you are the perfect person to fill this position.  Include full contact information (name, address, phone, email) on this cover letter.

2. On a separate sheet of paper, list at least three references with phone numbers and what your relationship is with the reference (i.e. previous employer, college professor, etc).

3. P ut the cover letter on top of your resume and the reference sheet underneath your resume and staple everything together.

  • Mail to: Get You In Shape
    P.O. Box 1159
    Coppell, TX 75019

Due to the anticipated volume of responses, we will contact only those candidates who most closely match our requirements. Only local candidates will be considered.

The sooner we get your resume, the better.  This will not be a long, drawn out process.  We believe in taking action quickly.  So get your resume over to us pronto!  We look forward to reviewing it and hopefully meeting you personally.

Thanks very much for your interest,

Brad and Cynthia Linder
Founder, Get You In Shape fitness